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Krishaj Foundation - Creating a positive impact

Krishaj Foundation is dedicated to various CSR activities.

Shipra Singh
Krifos spraying by Krishaj team
Krifos spraying by Krishaj team

Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt. Ltd. (KREPL), in its endeavor to give back to the society, has taken multiple initiatives under its non-profit Krishaj Foundation”. This foundation has been started to scale-up the CSR activities of the organization in a proper channelized way and ensure the benefits are reaped by the maximum. 

Krishaj Logo
Krishaj logo

KREPL is a five-decade old company, with almost 3 generations operating on the same set of values. Our Vision at Krishaj Foundation is “To become a helping hand for the rural and agriculture sector of the society in terms of better living and economic conditions.” For the year 2021-2022 the foundation has decided to focus on key areas: Agriculture- which is the core segment of our Indian economy as well as at KRISHAJ, Education – empowering girls and women and Health Care segment.   

The Foundation aims to follow a society first approach through ongoing and future initiatives which will be led & supported by senior leaders of the organization. The Foundation is led by Ms. Ankita Agarwal, Director – Strategic Initiative at KREPL. Some of the ongoing initiatives are; Donating medicines to poor, monetary help to the needy, creating infrastructure to encourage sports and active participation of children, awareness programs focused on sanitation and hygiene. 

Some of the recent CSR activities undertaken by the foundation include: 

1.Farmer Education Programmes: Since 2015

Regular farmer training/education programmes are organized both on-field and off-field. The team is organizing multiple field demos and field days to educate the farmers about the good agriculture practices, introduction of new molecules/products introduced by various companies, judicious use of crop protection chemicals and fertilizers with the right dose, use on safety kits and precautions to be undertaken while spraying, guiding them for selection of right CPC product according to the target pest or disease etc. Our ultimate goal with these activities is to help famers achieve “Kam lagat mein zayada munafa – Max Profit with Minimum Investment” 

2. Construction of Basketball court:  June 2019

Basketball court was constructed at a Girls High school in Matasukh village of Rajasthan. The opening ceremony featured a 4-day long district level Basketball competition for Girls and Boys under 17 & 19 years in the presence of chief guest, MLA Dr. Manju Meghwal. More than 700 people attended the event, most of them were from nearby areas who have been associated with KRISHAJ for years and highly appreciated the efforts of the company.     

Installation of water coolers in Rajasthan by Krishaj
Installation of water coolers in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan by Krishaj

3. Installation of water coolers: August 2019

Several water coolers were installed at Gram Sewa Sahakari Samiti in Khera district, Hanumangarh, a village which was facing issues of potable water. About 2000+ farmers and their families are expected to benefit from the installed cooler 

 Another installation was done at Sr. Secondary school, Silwani, District Sri Ganganagar. 700+ Children from 3 villages are expected to benefit from the installed water cooler. 

Kanya - large-scale project by Krishaj Foundation
Kanya - large-scale project by Krishaj Foundation

4. Kanya: November 2019

One of the large scale project conducted by Krishaj Foundation in collaboration with another organisation is ‘Kanya’. Under this initiative, women were educated about ‘Menstrual Hygiene’. The 3-day workshop was conducted in 32 villages. A team of 7 girls from Delhi conducted the workshop. This has benefitted 5,500+ women within the radius of 2,500 kms. Women were also provided with reusable kits which are expected to provide them a long-term solution for up to 2 years.  

5. Fighting locust attack: January 2020

Seeing the conditions of Locust attack in some districts, the Rajasthan state team decided to take support the farmers. Krishi Rasayan’s product Krifos Super was sprayed across Jalore, Badmer, and Jaiselmer districts through the help of local channel partners in collaboration with the Agricultural Department. (Please see the first image). 

We are proud to mention that all our team members at KREPL and KRISHAJ Foundation are  100% committed to support the various activities to be undertaken and remain true to its core value of “उम्मीदें आपकी...कोशिशें हमारी”. 

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