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Pluckk Becomes India's Plastic-Neutral Brand in FnV Category; Plans to Collect 6,000 kgs of Plastic Waste

Pluckk, an environmentally friendly food-tech venture, announced that it had been certified as a Plastic Neutral Brand. It is one of the fastest-growing D2C brands in the Fruits & Vegetables (FnV) category. It will now recycle more plastic than it consumes, making it the first Indian company in the FnV space to receive this certification.

Shivam Dwivedi
Reduce our plastic consumption to protect the environment
Reduce our plastic consumption to protect the environment

Pluckk, Mumbai-based farm-to-fork fruit and vegetable player announced recently that it would collect 6,000 kgs of plastic waste from landfills, oceans, and dumping grounds. In addition, the company is looking into more innovative plastic-free solutions.

ReCircle, a resource recovery enterprise working toward a sustainable future, supports this commitment to being plastic positive by recycling, repurposing, and reusing resources and redirecting them back into the economy with an ethical circularity vision. In response to the certification, Pratik Gupta, CEO of Pluckk, stated, "Only 10% of the seven billion tonnes of plastic waste generated globally is recycled."

This opens up enormous opportunities for businesses to act responsibly and work toward closing the gap. Pluckk is proud to be the first F&V brand certified as 'Plastic Neutral.'

"With this move, we hope to recycle significantly more plastic than we consume for daily packaging. We are acutely aware of the plastic distributed with orders and wish to implement a comprehensive plan to reduce our plastic consumption to protect the environment."

ReCircle Co-Founder and CEO Rahul Nainani stated: "ReCircle is pleased to announce that Pluckk, a nature-conscious brand, has joined our fight against plastic waste and will assist us in diverting it from landfills and the oceans. So let us work together to 'Pluckk' waste from nature."

Pluckk's Plastic-Return initiative also allows customers to return the plastic packaging from their previous orders when their next order is delivered. Customers in Mumbai can also arrange for pick-ups of plastic waste through ReCircle's Plastic Collection services.

Pluckk with a wide range of 250+ essentials, exotics, and pan-ready-meal kits, is the first Indian company to receive this certification. With a strong network of 1,000+ farmers, the Pluckk app recently surpassed 100,000 customers. It offers customers high-quality, safe, hygienic, ozone-washed, traceable, ethically grown farm-to-fork fresh food options in formats that fit their lifestyle.

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