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Reliance Industries: Not interested in buying Agricultural Land as well as in entering Contract Farming

Reliance Jio Infocomm, RIL’s telecom unit, moved the Punjab and Haryana High Court, seeking urgent action to stop destruction of its towers and infrastructure.

Chintu Das
Not interested in buying Agricultural Land as well as in entering Contract Farming : Reliance Industries
Not interested in buying Agricultural Land as well as in entering Contract Farming : Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries (RIL) said that RIL has no interest in entering contract farming and has nothing to do with the three rural laws that have started the farmers' dissent. It wouldn't profit in any capacity from the enactment, the organization said in a statement from the organisation, blaming adversaries and others for a "noxious and persuaded campaign."  

Telecom unit of RIL, JIO Infocomm moved to the High Courts of Punjab and Haryana, looking for urgent activity to stop demolition of its communication towers and infrastructure. 

"Criminals enjoying defacement have been incited and supported by vested activities and rivals," RIL commented. "Exploiting the continuous farmers unsettling disputes close to the National Capital, these personal interests have dispatched a perpetual, noxious and persuaded denunciation crusade against Reliance, which has no premise in truth." 

RIL has given the court details that clarifies the fact that it has no connection to the agricultural enactment. "These details suggests that Reliance has nothing to do with the three agri laws presently being bantered in the nation, and there are no profits received," said RIL. "All things considered, the sole motivation behind connecting the name of Reliance to these laws is to hurt our organizations and harm our standing." RIL along with its group companies were committed to “corporate” or “contract” farming, it said. Punjab's Congress government has been named as a respondent in the request. 

JIO requested that the court to pass orders "guiding the respondents to make a move against, neutralize and ruin the endeavors being made by vested stakes and criminals to completely damage the petitioners network infrastructure and stores located in Punjab. 

Without this, the company said it will endure further misfortunes and its framework in the state will be "totally attacked." It looked for pay for harm to in excess of 1,500 towers, claimed or worked by JIO, that were decimated, prompting a loss of hundreds of crores. 

"The petitioner along with its parent organization including its retail arm Reliance Retail have not bought any agrarian land, directly or in a roundabout way, anyplace in India with the end goal of 'corporate' or 'contract cultivation' and have definitely no plans, presently or later on, to do as such," Jio said in its appeal. 

Rival's Work: 

JIO has blamed its competitors namely Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea, of abusing the circumstance to poach supporters. Punjab and Haryana are high income producing states for the telecom company. 

JIO has since approached the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to suspend number portability in the states of Punjab and Haryana. JIO represented 14 million clients, or 36% of the cell phone clients in Punjab, and 9.4 million, or 34%, in Haryana. In its protests to the telecom dept., JIO has likewise blamed the channel partners for its two adversaries of instigating and inciting instigators. Both Airtel and Vi have said the allegations are unjustifiable. 

The company has petitioned for the affected sites to be reestablished and for the court to guide respondents to "establish a competent authority regarding Section 7 of the Punjab Prevention of Damage to Public and Private Property Act, 2014, to explore and report suitable authorities and activities against the vested stakes and criminals." It additionally requested to set up a hardware to explore the harm caused and to grant pay related thereto corresponding to the harms caused to the solicitors' framework." 

RIL swore to help higher farm pay, saying it generally demanded that its providers carefully comply with the minimum support price (MSP) or some other component controlled by the public authority to guarantee gainful costs for farming produce. 

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