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Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad Unveils its New Logo

RICH is an initiative of the Government of Telangana, a Science and Technology Cluster under the Office of the PSA

Ayushi Sikarwar
Technology (Representational Image)

The Government of Telangana's Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH), a Science and Technology Cluster under the Office of the PSA, debuted its new logo on its website and social media accounts.

On the occasion, CEO Rashmi Pimpale explained why RICH believed it was time to update the company logo.

"Over the years, RICH has grown as an organization. While our mandate and our role as a collaborative platform for the S&T ecosystem in Telangana remain the same, our work, our community, and our programmes have evolved. So, we felt that it was time we updated how we are perceived", the latter said.

She further added, "The new logo reflects ‘collaboration’ which is at the core of our identity. It says that by bringing people together, RICH facilitates growth, innovation, progress, and development, not just in the sectors we work with, but also for society as a whole. The logo is a celebration of the vibrant, contemporary, and progressive spirit of RICH. And in essence, it stands for the encouragement of new ideas and new ways of thinking to tackle old and new challenges."

This new logo, which has been months in the development, was painstakingly designed to be clear and modern while still embodying everything that RICH represents. Its primary message is that in order to fully realize the potential of science and technology to address societal concerns, it is essential for stakeholders with a variety of capabilities to collaborate.

Additionally, it is crucial to foster and support diverse groups of people's potential and interests in order to help close the gaps in regional and national development. These groups should be diverse not only in terms of areas of expertise, but also in terms of gender, religion, capacities, educational backgrounds, and economic backgrounds.

Pimpale further elaborated on the significance of the new logo saying, "This logo symbolizes the power of our mandate to strengthen the innovation–entrepreneurship–investment ecosystem which is key to driving socio-economic transformation in Telangana and India. We transition to our new logo in the new year with a renewed spirit of scientific and technological advancement, so that the benefits of science and innovation can be multiplied and put towards the betterment of society."

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