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Sales of Tractors in October 2021: Eicher, Mahindra, Sonalika & Others

For auto dealers, this was the worst festive period in a decade, with 2W, PV, and tractor retails falling by 6%, 11%, and 21%, respectively.

Chintu Das
Mahindra Tractors
Mahindra Tractors

Tractor sales fell by 20.78 percent to 44,262 units in October 2021, compared to 55,874 in October 2020. However, this was a 24.79 percent increase over the 35,469 units sold in October 2019. In October 2021, almost every tractor manufacturer in India reported a decrease in sales.

Mahindra Continues To Be The Market Leader

Mahindra was the leading tractor manufacturer and the only one in its sector to sell over 10,000 units. Mahindra tractor sales was 10,379 units in October 2021, down from 12,654 units. In the previous month, market share fell from 22.65 percent in October 2021 to 23.45 percent.

Mahindra's Swaraj Division also reported a drop in retails, from 9,565 units in October 2020 to 6,981 units in October 2021. From 17.12 percent in October 2020, market share has declined to 15.77 percent.

International, John Deere, TAFE Numbers

Retail sales for tractor maker TAFE Ltd (Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd) fell to 5,094 in October 2021, with a market share of 11.51 percent. In October 2020, 7,142 units were sold, giving the company a market share of 12.78 percent.

TAFE recently launched a statewide tractor service campaign aimed at lowering maintenance costs. The 'Massey Servicing Utsav' will provide best-in-class service in over 1,500 approved workshops around the country, with 3,000 qualified mechanics.

International Tractors was ranked fourth, with retail sales falling to 5,090 units in the previous month. In comparison, 6,512 units were sold in October 2020. Market share declined modestly from 11.65 percent to 11.50 percent year over year.

John Deere sales have also decreased in the last month, falling to 4,312 units from 4,689 in October 2020. However, from 8.39 percent in October 2020, market share has climbed to 9.74 percent. Escorts' retail sales fell 4,182 units in October 2021, compared to 5,528 units in the same month the previous year.

CNH, Kubota, Eicher Numbers

Each of these three tractor manufacturers had a decrease in retail sales – Eicher (2,551 units), CNH (1,772 units), and Kubota (1,099 units) – as well as a decrease in market share. Indo Farm and Captain Tractors, as well as VST Tillers and Force Motors, experienced de-growth.

Other tractor manufacturers in this group saw retail sales drop to 1,569 units in October 2021 from 1,765 units in October 2020, although increasing market share from 3.16 percent in October 2020 to 3.54 units in October 2021. Promises of a good harvest and planting season should boost sales in the coming months.

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