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Samunnati & Plasma Waters Inaugurates 1st New Age Plasma-ized WaterTM Generator

Anil Kumar SG, Founder & CEO, Samunnati, and Robert Hardt, President & Global CEO, Plasma Waters Inc., along with his India MD, Pragya Kalia, and the Global Management Team from USA, announced the installation of the first Plasma-ized Water Generator at the former's Centre of Excellence, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Shivam Dwivedi
'Bringing a revolutionary change in increasing farm productivity, food quality and encouraging sustainable farming by optimizing resource usage'-Anil Kumar SG, Founder & CEO, Samunnati
'Bringing a revolutionary change in increasing farm productivity, food quality and encouraging sustainable farming by optimizing resource usage'-Anil Kumar SG, Founder & CEO, Samunnati

The Heartfulness Institute is hosting the launch of this cutting-edge innovative technology, which aims to introduce globally-recognized best practices in sustainable farming to benefit the Indian farming community, particularly smallholder farmers.

This technology has the potential to assist farmers in increasing their output and thus income, as well as to promote sustainable agriculture by reducing the use of chemicals in the farming process.

The Chief Guest of the inauguration ceremony, Kamlesh Patel (Daaji), President of Heartfulness, complimented the two teams and offered the Proof-of-Concept study support at the breathtakingly beautiful 1700-acre green campus which is the melting pot of best practices of farming in Horticulture, Hydroponics, Nursery, Tissue culture & high-value crops. He said “I am happy that the Heartfulness headquarters at Kanha Shantivanam is hosting this game-changing technology in Agri water management, the first of its kind anywhere in Asia. Though water is so fundamental and essential for agriculture, seldom do we see the impactful breakthroughs of this nature"

Globally, food production needs to increase by 70 percent by 2050, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, while facing various challenges including water scarcity. As the gap between the global food demand and supply grows incessantly, the need to find innovative solutions for immediate and effective application is a pressing one, to ensure food security. Plasma Waters’ technology, a disruptive innovation that is based on nature’s gift of Plasma, the fourth state of matter, addresses this very challenge.

Plasma-ized Water, just like in nature when lightning hits the rain, contains reactive oxygen species that interact with the genetic pathways and circuits inside all crop plants, leading to faster and more efficient germination, accelerating growth, and preventing the transmission of plant pathogens, delivering increased crop performance without the use of any chemicals.

“Our patented technology has immense potential to redefine the fate of Indian farmers & tackle the issue of low productivity in India therefore we are working towards building a very strong foundation for our company in India under the leadership of Pragya Kalia, our India Managing Director, through various public private partnerships & like-minded institutions like Samunnati & Heartfulness Institute. India & USA are our focus markets”, said Robert Hardt, the President & CEO of Plasma Water Solutions Inc, USA who is in India along with Dr. Roger Penell, Geneticist & CDO & Jerry Zuchowicki, the CRO of the company.

With over 90% farmers being small & marginal, a breakthrough technology like this, for production enhancement, which uses only air & water, is a blessing for Indian Agriculture community. Plasma Waters, India, aims to cater to this large segment by making its technology affordable & accessible by engaging FPOs, VLEs & PACs in a meaningful way with the support from partners like Samunnati, who have been continuously working towards farmers’ welfare through these Farmers Collectives. The company recently announced its launch in India and now is ready for the next big leap towards realizing its vision on Indian soil by joining hands with Samunnati, India’s largest Agri enterprise.

Speaking at the event, Anil Kumar SG, Founder & CEO, Samunnati said, “We are delighted to progress in our partnership with Plasma Waters and install the first unit at our Centre of Excellence (COE), Hyderabad. We see this as an important step in the right direction to bringing a revolutionary change in increasing farm productivity, food quality and encouraging sustainable farming by optimizing resource usage.”

With the aim to unlock the trillion-dollar-plus potential of Indian agriculture with smallholder farmers at the center of it. The perfect union, Samunnati stands for collective growth & collective prosperity for the Agri ecosystem, while Plasma Waters’ ground-breaking water-based solutions deliver the promise of ‘Innovation with Purpose’ by setting a virtuous cycle of higher & better production for farmers in the most sustainable way.

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