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Samunnati's Gross Transactions Surpassed Rs 10,000 cr Mark

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Anil Kumar S G, Founder and CEO, Samunnati

Samunnati, an agri-value chain, announced on Monday that its gross transactional value has surpassed ten billion rupees, with half of that coming in the last 18 months.

"The 10,000-crore GTV mark represents a significant milestone in our journey to enable agri value chains to operate at a higher equilibrium." In a statement, Anil Kumar S G, Founder and CEO, said, "We are grateful to our customers, partners, stakeholders, and, most importantly, the farmers for their continued faith and support over the years."

"We are fortunate to have a supportive group of investors, lenders, and other stakeholders who have encouraged us to move forward with our mission." We work hard to make agriculture profitable and sustainable for the millions of smallholder farmers who ensure the food security of our country. Samunnati currently has access to over 1,500 farmer collectives with a member base of over six million farmers and plans to impact one in every four farming households through its network by 2027," Kumar said.

Samunnati and the Federation of Indian FPOs and Aggregators (FIFA, one of NAFED's subsidiaries) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support FPOs.

FIFA is a national-level association of over 100 producer organizations that work primarily to ensure the sustainability of its member organizations through market linkage and logistical support.

As part of the agreement, Samunnati and FIFA will guide FPOs through various training modules focusing on capacity building and institutional development, deploy Samunnati's FPO grading and assessment tool, provide access to Samunnati's digitization suite, and provide market linkages and financing solutions.

About FIFA:

The Federation of Indian FPOs and Aggregators (FIFA) is a national organization that represents more than 100 producer groups in India. FIFA focuses on market connectivity and logistical support to ensure the long-term viability of its member organizations.

FIFA's member FPOs, more than 100,000 farmers are connected to the organization. FIFA's main goal is to help these farmers increase their income by integrating their member producer organizations into the value chain system.

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