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SIETZ Technologies India Begins Operations in its Farm Machinery Manufacturing Plant in Haryana

SIETZ Technologies India has started operating its Farm Machinery Manufacturing Plant in Haryana from January 30, 2021.

Shipra Singh
SIETZ Technologies India - SOILTECH brand
SIETZ Technologies India's SOILTECH brand (Image source: website of SIETZ)

SIETZ Technologies India started operation in its newly upgraded manufacturing plant located at Prithla Industrial Area near Faridabad, Haryana, India. The plant’s capacity has been extended in order to widen their SOILTECH brand’s farm implement portfolio.

The plant features state-of-the-art technology, aimed to expand the line of products, which, at present, includes disc harrows, MB ploughs, disc ploughs, and rotary tillers. The plant’s latest manufacturing assembly line is equipped to the entire process from fabrication to final product testing.  

The new products in the pipeline include laser levelers, reversible ploughs, super seeders, and mulchers.   

The CEO of SIETZ Technologies India, Kranti Deepak Sharma, spoke during the inauguration of the plant, saying, “Farmers have started using advanced machines to increase quality and productivity of various crops like potato planters, rotavators, diggers, laser levellers among other equipments. We aim to increase our customers’ access to best-in-class agriculture implements and after-sales service. We are confident that our existing and new product range will help farmers to increase their crop productivity.” 

The company is looking forward to the expansion of its operations throughout India. At present, they operate in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and such other areas of North India.

SIETZ came into existence in 1997 and, since then, is dedicated to providing the best quality products to the customers across the globe. The company is actively involved in creating tools that put less load on tractors, leading to a decrease in fuel consumption.  

From starting small to achieving astounding success thanks to the overwhelming response for their implements from farmers, the company has come a long way in branding itself as a trusted farm machinery manufacturer in India and abroad.  

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