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Sona Machinery Announces Plans to Open First Overseas Office in Nairobi to Strengthen Global Presence

By making its cutting-edge equipment more available to interested businesses across the continent, Sona Machinery's expansion in Africa, one of the most significant food producers in the world, may lessen the impact of these problems and support the movement for more locally focused food processing.

Shivam Dwivedi
Vasu Naren, Managing Director & CEO, Sona Machinery
Vasu Naren, Managing Director & CEO, Sona Machinery

Sona Machinery, an undisputed leader in the agro-processing equipment manufacturing industry, has announced plans to open its first overseas office in Nairobi, Kenya, in a move that will strengthen its global market presence. The expansion aims to strengthen the brand's global presence as well as its market footprint in Africa.

The move comes at a time when rising geopolitical tensions have cast a long shadow on the supply of food and agricultural produce across the globe – an issue complicated by the pandemic-induced disruption of the global supply chain and the distinct shortage of shipping containers.

The expansion of Sona Machinery in Africa, one of the world’s most prominent food producers, may mitigate some of the impact of these issues by making its cutting-edge equipment more accessible and available to interested businesses all over the continent, thus supporting the push for more localised food processing. The opening of its Nairobi office will also enable the company to provide quality after-sales service and support to its customers in the region.

Speaking on the expansion, Vasu Naren, Managing Director & CEO, Sona Machinery, said, “As the recent black swan events have shown, businesses across sectors must be prepared to react and adapt to fast-changing market dynamics. This holds especially true for the agriculture industry and all sectors allied to it, be it food and beverages, retail, processed foods, biotechnology, or biochem.”

“With the opening of our Nairobi office, we aim to provide high-potential businesses in the region the tools and support they need to increase the scale, speed, efficiency, and profitability. With the extensive and expanding product portfolio of Sona Machinery and its subsidiaries such as Can Engineering Solutions, we will empower homegrown African businesses to fulfil the growing global demand for food-based products,” he added.

Sona Machinery as part of its expansion strategy also plans to set-up new regional offices across India to strengthen its reach and delivery of Products to its customers and its unmatched Prompt Service Support.

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