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Swaraj Green Power & Fuel Ltd to Set up Asia’s Largest Ethanol Production Unit in Maharashtra

M/s. Swaraj Green Power & Fuel Limited (Swaraj) announced plans to set up the largest ethanol plant (1100 KLPD) in Maharashtra in two stages - first stage capacity of 500 kilo litres per day (KLPD) and in second stage capacity will be of 1100 KLPD

Abha Toppo
ethanol plant
Ethanol Production Unit

M/s. Swaraj Green Power & Fuel Limited (Swaraj) announced plans to set up the largest ethanol plant (1100 KLPD) in Maharashtra in two stages - first stage capacity of 500-kilo litres /day (KLPD) and in second stage capacity will be of 1100 KLPD based on sugarcane juice & BIOSYRUP®.   Necessary permissions have been obtained to expand the plant capacity up to 1100 KLPD in near future.

With this, Swaraj will become the largest capacity plant to produce Ethanol in India as well as Asia. Swaraj once again decided to work with Praj Industries Limited (Praj) as a technology partner for this proposed expansion project at Phaltan in Maharashtra.

Established in the year 2010 Swaraj is recognized as one of the most progressive sugar mills and ethanol producers in India. Swaraj already has 60 KLPD capacity plant for the production of ethanol based on molasses as feedstock. Set up by Praj in 2018, this plant is equipped with advanced technologies for ensuring sustainability by reducing water footprints. This plant is often regarded as a benchmark for minimal water intake - as low as 2.5 litres of water per litre of fuel ethanol across India.

Swaraj and Praj have signed a deal for expanding up to 500 KLPD capacity that is expected to be operational by third quarter of FY 2022-23. Praj will look after the designing, engineering, supply & commissioning of the plant, deploying its advanced sugarcane juice & BIOSYRUP® to ethanol technology. Praj’s Innovative solution to process sugarcane juice in to a new sustainable feedstock BIOSYRUP® will help Swaraj secure round-the-year ethanol production.

Ranjeetsinh Naik-Nimbhalkar, Founder & Promoter, Swaraj while signing the contract said, “We are pleased to align with GOI’s ethanol blending program ( E20) aimed at achieving energy self-reliance while helping conserve the environment and helps in saving huge foreign currency. We appreciate Praj’s expertise across the value chain and their commitments to deliver on promise. We believe this project will help the uplift farming community in Satara and Solapur districts,  by creating job and entrepreneurship opportunities.”

Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, Founder Chairman of Praj said, We recognize Swaraj as technology-savvy customer who is always willing to adopt innovative technologies to ensure efficient plant operations. We are grateful that they have bestowed trust in Praj’s technology once again for this prestigious expansion project. We believe this landmark project in Maharashtra is a significant step forward towards meeting government of India’s E20 blending mandates while helping decarbonize the transportation sector.”

Being the largest in Maharashtra, this project is expected to open up lucrative sugarcane juice and BIOSYRUP® to ethanol segment as an effective solution to address the challenges of fluctuating sugar economy.

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