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Swaraj Tractors Wins Golden Peacock Award for 'Project Pani'

Company’s Water Restoration Initiative Acknowledged for Contributing to Equality and Climate Resilience

KJ Staff
Swaraj Tractors Wins Golden Peacock Award.
Swaraj Tractors Wins Golden Peacock Award.

Swaraj Tractors, a rapidly growing tractor brand under the Mahindra Group, has earned a noteworthy distinction by securing the prestigious 'Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility' for the year 2023.

The Golden Peacock Awards, known for their stringent evaluation process, and considered a benchmark of corporate excellence worldwide have acknowledged Swaraj Division, for its outstanding contributions to societal well-being for its flagship initiative, 'Project Pani'.

'Project Pani,' initiated in 2020, focuses on the restoration and renovation of old rainwater harvesting structures. Acknowledged by the stringent evaluation process of the Golden Peacock Awards, Swaraj Division has demonstrated outstanding contributions to societal well-being through 'Project Pani.' This aligns seamlessly with Mahindra's brand pillar, 'Rise for More Equal World,' emphasizing the intersection of climate change and social equality.

Over the past two years, 'Project Pani' has successfully renovated traditional ponds, recharged old wells, and enhanced the water table in water catchment zones. The project has not only expanded farming acreage but has also ensured yearlong availability of drinking water to a significant population. Additionally, the formation of 'women water groups' addresses water-use and governance issues, contributing to the empowerment of local communities.

At the 'IOD’s 18th International Conference,' Mr. Arun Raghav, Vice President HR, ER, Admin and CSR, Swaraj Division, M&M Ltd., received the award on Thursday, 21st December 2023, in Mumbai from Chief Justice High Court of Bombay, Devendra K. Uadhyaya.  

About Swaraj

Swaraj Tractors a division of Mahindra Group is India’s second largest and rapidly growing tractor brand. Established in 1974, based in Punjab, the grain bowl of India, Swaraj is a brand that is made by the farmer, for the farmer as many of its employees are also farmers. They bring real-world performance and create an authentic, powerful product with assured performance and enduring quality, designed with one purpose – enabling the Indian farmer to Rise. Swaraj Tractors manufactures tractors in the range of 15HP to 65HP, provides complete farming solutions, and are pioneers in Horticulture mechanisation.

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