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MFOI Day 3 Session 4: 'We Counsel Farmer, Reducing Production Cost,' Says Mahindra Marketing Head Mahesh Kulkarni; 'We Adopt Villages, Help Them Transform,' Says Raju Kapoor, Director of Corporate Affairs, FMC India

The Krishi Jagran on Friday successfully conducted the fourth session 'Industry perspectives on how to increase farmers' income' on the third day of the 3-day event, Millionaire Farmer of India Awards, at the IARI, Pusa Ground, in Delhi on Friday, December 8, 2023.

Aysha Anam

The Millionaire Farmer of India Awards successfully conducted the fourth session 'Industry perspectives on how to increase farmers' income' on the third day of the 3-day event at the IARI, Pusa Ground, in Delhi on Friday, December 8, 2023. The session is moderated by Mamta Jain, Group Editor and CMO of Krishi Jagran. 

The session was started with Mr Raju Kapoor, Director of Corporate Affairs, FMC India. He started his note by congratulating Mr and Mrs. Dominic for starting such a noble and innovative concept which is the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards. 

"How to get the right price for the product and how to get optimal productivity from resources depleting," he said. "We are at 1/3rd of global productivity, that is where we need to stand and deliver," he added. 

"Industry needs to customize solutions to help farmers. We have technology but how can a farmer use it practically," he said. 

"Lastly, what is the basic need of a farmer needs to rectify as well," he said. Industry needs to rectify sustainable agriculture solutions. 

Debabrata Sarkar, Chairman & Managing Director of MicroAlgae Solutions India Pvt Ltd & Vice President – Asia Pacific, AlgaEnergy, was asked how to explain to farmers in India that the health of soil and crop is more important than the yield. 

He started his conversation by saying, "I represent the community which gives 18 percent of GDP to the country, provides the highest employment, and has 85 percent of women work in agriculture. I am extremely happy to see Mr and Mrs Dominic have taken this step. I think it is high time that we as an agrarian economy should recognize and respect the farming professionals." 

"I will talk about how farmers can increase their income, The first thing is to optimize, there is production but no proper storage. It means we have production but we cannot save. Secondly, for the right price, the farmer needs to integrate and contribute. Third is to reduce the cause, and the fourth point is to enhance the crop", he added.

Praveen Malik, Former Animal Husbandry Commissioner at the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, "We have shortlisted only 700-800 millionaire farmers from the 37000 entries of millionaire farmers overall, but I think it is very less." 

He questioned saying, "Why not India has crores and millions of millionaire farmers?"

He further said, "Industry understands the market quite well and so, farmers should get into a partnership with the industry. 

ICAR is working with 114 institutions to propagate techonology. So take feedback, learn export tactics, scan the market with the help of industry, he said.

"It is time to work in cooperation and a group. One person alone cannot make a profit using these steps," he added. 


Mradul Goel, Marketing Head of Goel Vet Pharma Pvt Ltd, "Hemoepathy and ayurvedic medicines are easy to use and cheaper. This can help in reducing the expenditure of farmers, cost of medicine is extremely cheap and effective."

Conrad Nana Kojo Asiedu, First Secretary at Ghana High Commission, New Delhi, attended the session. Ghana and India fall in the forte of agri and sustaining lifestyle. This event recognises the financial success and resilience of Indian farmers "The significance of entrepreneurship and agriculture goes beyond boundaries."

He further said that these inspiring stories of farmers are motivating. We appreciate the dedication and hard work of those who have chosen farming. We believe in fostering sustainable agriculture. India has the potential to enhance food security. India can go ahead with organic farming.

I express my heartfelt congratulations to the desired winners. The recognition of these farmers is not only a celebration, but this initiative is crossing boundaries, he said. 

Mamta Jain said, "the initiative of the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards has already crossed borders, hats off to your vision of dreaming about this and making it a reality."

Moreover, Mahesh Kulkarni, Head Of Marketing, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Farm Division, congratulated Mr and Mrs Dominic, for starting such a "novel, new, and different concept of MFOI." 

He further said, "Last three days were phenomenal the credit goes to the team of Krishi Jagran team for pulling off this event so well."

Mahindra Tractors has been the number 1 company in India as well as the world with their principle of 'transform farming and enrich life'.

Role of Industry in Increasing Farmers' Income

Farmers need to identify how technology can increase their income. For eg, in grape spraying a farmer needs to do 12 rounds and it wastes a lot of pesticides. Here automation is required. The one who has 10-acre land can save at least 1 lakh using Mahindra tractors. In rice farming, a farmer has to move forward and take at least 120 rounds. What if all this gets fast? Automatically tractor does everything. Imagine how much a farmer can save fuel time and hard work.

Technology can alert you beforehand and you can save a lot of money. This is called the democratization of technology. Mahindra wants to increase the income of farmers from lakhs to millions to crores. In fact, we have a team which shows you the way to save money. 

I second with Mr Praveen that why only 37000 and not millions of farmers are millionaires.


Pradipta Kumar Sahoo, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) & Head (International Business) at Mother Dairy, also enlighten farmers how to increase their income. He gave an insight that a farmer needs to identify the direction of market and then does the production. 

"Health and convenience are the main players. We need to segment the market and link it well." He said that there are many millionaires in the urban market and they are spending a lot in the medical sector, that amount can come to the farmer. 

He also asked the farmers to start processing food, making it convenient as well as healthy. 

How you are supporting farmers in escalating the revenue?

"Mother Dairy used to teach Ranchi farmers how to do processing of tomatoes. It also started producing sweet corn in Ranchi which was not produced in India before. Farmers should focus on cash crops, fruits, vegetables, and dairy which can make your income double.

In the end, a few farmers raised their concerns, to which all the panelists responded. Mahindra Tractors assured them saying, "We provide farmers with help and guidance about saving money and using better and effective technology."

Raju Kapoor, Director of Corporate Affairs, FMC India, informed that the company has adopted many villages and converted them into smart villages. 

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