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Swaroop Agrochemical Industries Showcased Its Products at ‘Krishithon 2022’

Swaroop Agrochemical Industries is an agrochemical company with a presence throughout India. It produces micronutrients and biostimulants, which it exports to Asian and African countries. Three of our products currently have patents, and another is in the works.

Shivam Dwivedi
Swaroop Agrochemical Industries Team at ‘Krishithon 2022’
Swaroop Agrochemical Industries Team at ‘Krishithon 2022’

Swaroop Agrochemical Industries participated and showcased its wide range of agricultural inputs at Krishithon 2022 at Nashik, Maharashtra. Krishithon is India's largest agricultural community gathering. More than 300 agriculture companies showcased their innovation and ideas at the event.

Every year, thousands of farmers from around the world attend this International Agriculture Exhibition to learn about new agricultural products and services. The 18th edition of the five-day exhibition will be held at Thakker's Dome, near ABB Circle along Trimbak Road, after a two-year hiatus.

“Our purpose is to spread prosperity among farmers by providing them with innovative, cost-effective, and high-quality agricultural inputs, thereby making India self-sufficient in food production.,” said Sameer Pathare, Founder & CEO of Swaroop Agrochemical Industries.

About Swaroop Agrochemical Industries

Swaroop Agrochemical Industries’ start-up activity was trading and re-packing various chemicals and hormones useful for grape cultivation, and the focus area was the grape cultivation belt in Maharashtra. After receiving a huge response to this activity saw the launch of formulated products and the setting up of a laboratory for Research and Development.

Swaroop’s product range now includes Bio-Organic Fertilizers, Natural and Certified Organic Products, Micro-Nutrients, 100% Natural Herbal Pesticides, Speciality Inorganic Agrochemicals, and Pesticides.

Swaroop manufactures around 50 products which find application on almost all types of Field Crops, Vegetables, Cash Crops, Floriculture and Horticulture crops. Swaroop plans to expand manufacturing facilities through a new state-of-the-art plant 20 kilometres from Nasik on the Mumbai-Agra National Highway in order to meet the huge demand for their various products both within and outside India.

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