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Verdesian rapidly expands into India with new products and experienced people

Verdesian Life Sciences marked August 21 as an important day with its grand launch in India’s capital city. The event was organized by the company’s South Asia team led by R.K. Goyal, its Business Director.

Shigraf Zahbi
Verdesian Technology Launch
Verdesian Technology Launch

The Verdesian Life Sciences acquisition of Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., in April 2021 continues to show positive momentum, not only for both the companies, but also for growers all over the globe. While the acquisition of Cytozyme made sense from a cultural and product mix standpoint, it also opened up the opportunity to provide the most advanced nutrient use efficiency products to farmers in parts of the world that were not privy to them previously. One of those key areas is India.

“International expansion is a top priority. Cytozyme’s global presence and long-standing partnerships filled strategic geographic needs,” said Rick Riegner, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development. “The acquisition provided us an intact, highly-motivated Indian team, accelerating efforts to commercialize the broader Verdesian portfolio across India.”

That team is led by RK Goyal, Business Director in South Asia.

“Our team here in India is incredibly blessed to be part of the Verdesian family. Cytozyme has had a presence here in India since 1984, so we have a record of serving the Indian agriculture community for the past 36 years,” said Goyal. “Even more exciting is to be able to offer our Indian growers new Verdesian technologies that will allow them to get the most out of their crops. Growers here are passionate about sustainable agriculture, and our growing product mix goes a long way in helping us all accomplish that.”

Since April, the Verdesian India team has introduced four new products to growers in the country:

  • AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer

  • NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager

  • Primacy ALPHA® Foliar and Soil Nutrient

  • Take Off ST® Seed Treatment

“This is an invigorating time to serve in agriculture in India,” said Goyal. “The availability of these proven, effective technologies may mean that growers here not only will be able to continue doing what they love for many years to come, but that they can be profitable and sustainable at the same time.”

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