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WOLF-Garten introduces A-Series of Cordless Lawn Mowers in India

The big giant German company WOLF-Garten introduced three new A-series cordless lawn mowers in India which will be marketed and disturbed by MTD Products India Ltd.

Pritam Kashyap
wolf garten

US based leader in outdoor power equipment, MTD Products has recently launched its German brand Wolf-Garten electric lawn movers to India with three new A-series cordless lawn movers. It will be sold in India through its subsidiary MTD Products India Private Ltd. 

A340E, A370 E and A400E are the three new A-series cordless lawnmowers which are based on CCM (Cut, Collect & Mulch) technology. 

This single lawn mower can handle all three tasks i.e. Cutting, Collecting & Mulching and the user just has to switch from one mode to the other to perform these entire tasks together. Even users can mow with or without a grass catcher bag, and in mulching mode; the cuttings can be finely chopped back into the lawn to optimize the nutrient supply. It is also characterised by significantly improved ergonomics and modern design.  

Advantages of A-Series Cordless Lawn Mowers: 

  • Easy, tool-free changeover between aerator and scarifier.

  • Collector bag as a practical accessory: Directly collect and remove felt and moss into the collector bag.

  • Central working depth adjustment: 5- or 6-fold adjustment of working depth.

  • Powerful motors/engines: For electric as well as petrol scarifiers.

  • Ease of use: Very easy to use due to full bale switch, good for handling for the ergonomic working position.

Features of A-Series Cordless Lawn Mowers: 

ACC System: The innovative ACC system allows far better cutting and collection results. It prevents the ejection channel from being clogged and facilitates filling of the catching basket. No need to empty the collector bag as frequently as without ACC. 

Flick Flack- Cable Routing: The cable is guided and protected against tensile stress. It need not be handheld and is placed next to the machine when mowing to prevent the mower from running over the cable. 

CCM System: 3 Functions in a Single Mower: Cut, Collect & Mulch for cutting, collecting and mulching. 

The status indicator light in green, yellow and red always shows the state of charge of the battery. Cordless lawnmowers are a pioneering alternative for trouble-free work without any cables, which often get under the knife. All these features allow the user to do gardening work quickly and gently with immediate effect.  

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