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WRMS Envisions To Transform 1 Million Farmer’s Livelihood with its Secufarm App By 2024

WRMS’s vision to promote advanced yet sustainable farming, climate smart agriculture, and assured income to smallholder farmers is coming to a well-planned reality

Sugandh Bhatnagar

WRMS, an agri risk management company, is on a mission to mainstream the use of technology for smallholder farmers and to secure their income with SecuFarm - the world’s first smart & sustainable farming solution. SecuFarm bundles the most advanced crop advisory backed by technology for smallholder farmers to assure them farm-level yield assurance. With over 25,000 farmers enrolled so far, SecuFarm targets to reach over a million farmers by 2024 in all parts of the country.

With smallholder farmers facing numerous challenges due to weather uncertainty and crop diseases, WRMS is making sure that all their risks are covered and managed at the farm level. For this, the company geotags their farms to offer them farm-level crop solutions through the vernacular SecuFarm app to make sure they are connected well with the modern farming techniques.

They also receive timely weather information to plan their crop protection and irrigation based on their crop health & soil condition. This helps them practice optimized usage of water, thus, conversing our valued natural resources. Farmers also receive regular customized solutions on the mobile app for optimized use of agro chemicals to make sure that their soil nutrients are protected and the final produce is high in quality.

The app also connects farmers with agri experts who answer all their crop related questions and provide them with timely solutions within 24 hours. The app educates farmers on various crop diseases through vernacular audio-video content which is easy to watch and understand by farmers with low literacy as well. With SecuFarm solutions, farmers get a high benchmark crop yield which is also good in quality, thus increasing their crop demand in the market.

In case the farmer faces any crop loss due to crop diseases or weather attack, they are offered with an assured income by WRMS, thus protecting their livelihood and securing their socio-economic status.

WRMS’s mission is to increase farm productivity of smallholder farmers to take them out of the vicious cycle of poverty. For this, the company manufactures advanced inhouse IoT solutions like Automatic Weather Stations, Irrigation switches, pest traps, drones and more to support the farmers and help them increase their farm productivity.

With the integration of IoT sensors (AWS, AIS, APM, and ASM), satellites and drones, and GPS-enabled smartphones, farmers access real time data and become smart-farmers by adopting digital farming practices. SecuFarm also provides assistance on how to best manage water and agro - chemicals to farm management practices sustainable farming which is environment friendly. The app’s satellites and IoT monitoring feature can help farmers in getting real-time responses and tackle insect assaults, illnesses, and weather risks.

Farmers connected with SecuFarm feel empowered today (success story) as they have the confidence to practice profitable farming without worrying about the losses. They are adopting advanced digital farming practices and driving the digital agriculture wave.

Adding to the achievement, Anuj Kumbhat, Founder & CEO, WRMS, WRMS has adopted sustainability and innovations to the core to revolutionize the agri sector in the country & beyond. Despite facing a challenging year, I am proud to say that we have made great strides in bringing innovative agri products and services which are transforming the lives of smallholder farmers. After successfully benefiting over 1,50,000 farmers, and offering SecuFarm yield guarantee to over 25,000 farmers, we have now set an ambitious target of taking SecuFarm to over a million farmers by 2024 with a mission to offer complete income protection to smallholder farmers while making farming sustainable and climate resilient to support UNs SDGs”.

About WRMS -

WRMS is a leading India-based climate and agriculture risk management company specializing in developing climate, disaster and agriculture risk transfer solutions, including weather index-based parametric insurance.

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