Merger of SFCI & NSC good sign for the development of Seed Industry in India

Seeds  is the basic need of farmers & without it no crop or production can be imagined.  National Seeds Corporation is the main body in India and its working under the Ministry of Agriculture. Recently    our Senior Executive Editor Mr. Ravinder Kumar Teotia interacted with Mr. Vinod Kumar Gaur –Chairman & Managing Director of NSC.  Mr. Gaur shares lot of ideas &  development  taking place in the field of Seed Industry. Let’s check it out:

Q. What is the role of NSC in India?

NSC is working nationwide for the development of seed infrastructure in the country. The role of NSC is very important because it is the only nodal agency authorised by Government of India.

Q. What are the main  functions  of NSC?

NSC is  working as seed bank agency for storage of seed.  It also ensures the availability of seed under various Govt. schemes namely NFSM, BGREI, NMOOP, etc.  It has different  seeds  division in all the states of the country.  The development of seed infrastructure like construction of godown, installation of processing plant,  seed testing labs, packaging units   are set up nationwide under the supervision of NSC.

Q. In the presence of   certified & quality oriented  hybrid seeds  from several MNCs, How NSC  is able to maintain its  monopoly in India?

NSC provides seeds to farmers at very reasonable rates.  We are  the  sole  supplier  in high volume low value crop  and playing vital role in multiplication of seed of Public Sector Hybrid.  NSC is also the major supplier of staple crops seed such as cereals, pulses, oilseeds etc. We have maximum share in majority of the State Seeds Corporation.  So there is no comparison of NSC with other MNCs.

Q. How NSC has build up the trust among the farmers?

It is the only company where quality is trusted through State Seed Testing Lab and NSC’s own lab. The reasonable rates   of   NSC   seeds   always   attracts the whole farmers community of the country.

Q How do NSC  maintain its reputation in the Seed Industry?

Quality is our major concern, we ensure testing of seed at state quality control labs besides our labs located in 7 places across India where DNA and finder printing lab, the field inspections.  We always encourage    to   adopt   latest   technology   happening around the agriculture   world. We  also conduct  training programmes for farmers & seed industry official on regular interval.

Q. What is the network of NSC to cater the farmers’ need?

 We have a huge network   on all India basis  with 22000 ha. of land for production of Test Stock,  with 12.60 lac quintals of processing capacity, 10.5 lack quintals of seed storage plants tor Breeder,  Foundation  Certified   seeds.  We have more than 3000 dealers across India to cater the farmers’ need at large.  

Q. What are your future planning?

Now, we are planning to give complete solution to farmers i.e; farm equipments on hiring basis, fodder blocks as cattle feed and procurement of commercial crop from farmers.  We are also seriously considering the development of seed infrastructure for other companies in our own country as well as abroad.

Q. How do you see the merger of SFCI with NSC?

Merger of SFCI & NSC, is a  good sign for the development of Seed Industry in India.  Moreover, we got strength with this alliance because SFCI has large acreage of farms and NSC has  the  efficient distribution network.  So,  it  helps to cut down the unnecessary monetary burden  and now the best utilization of resources are giving better result for our organization as a whole. 

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