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2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Pest management is the key to the success and growth of agriculture be it in India or worldwide. Pesticides are majorly responsible for the pest management having three components viz. herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. In India, there are plenty of manufacturers of these three types of pesticides but it is also being imported from China. China is not only exporting to India but also exporting Globally to other countries. China is a major pesticide producer and exporter.

Meeting the needs of integrated pest management in different countries, China provides abundant pesticides ranging from herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, PGRs to minor market products.
China's pesticide exportation has undergone structural changes over the years and the proportion of formulation exportation has increased year by year. As more and more Chinese agrichemical enterprises have set foot in the end market, they are also providing a wider range of product portfolio and even technical services, to better serve the local farmers together with importers and distributors from other countries.
To discuss with leading Chinese exporters about the changes and opportunities in the pesticide exportation market AgroPages holds a formulation export workshop annually. The meeting welcomes overseas audiences. The aim is to bring together overseas importers and distributors, top Chinese entrepreneurs, registration specialists, and marketing managers etc. to find potential opportunities for partnerships.

In the last  workshop, they invited not only officials from ICAMA to introduce the latest export regulations, but also the German consulting company Konell, Ukraine market research company APK, agrochemical company Rotam, Willowood from India, AMVAC from the U.S. to share their insights and experiences. The workshop attracted over 300 attendees from leading Chinese agrochemical exporting companies, including their Directors, General Managers, Market Managers, Registration Specialists etc.
2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop will take place on 27-29 June 2018 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The following topics shall be discussed in this workshop:
-  The latest laws and regulations of China's agrochemical industry
-  Analysis on the price trend of agrochemical products in China
-  Procurement strategies to secure a stable supply
-  Market demands from different terminal markets
-  How to increase efficiency in product registration and market access
-  Successful exporting and partnerships sharing
-  and lots more……
For attending  and detailed information the interested may like to contact grace@agropages.com

How to attend:

-  The registration fee is USD 398/person
-    You are welcome to give a speech at the workshop, and also
-    Sponsor the workshop

Who should attend:

-  Importers and distributors
-   Agrochemical consulting companies from different countries
-  Procurement managers in multinational corporations
-  CROs

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