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Inspiration for Thousands: Farmer's Daughter Cracks UPSC 2020 Exam; Exclusive Interview

Himani Meena has secured 323rd rank in UPSC Exam 2020. She is determined and hardworking towards her goal.

Shikha Parewa
Himani Meena
Himani Meena

The UPSC Public Service Examination 2020 results have been released. A total of 761 candidates have cleared the exam. This year, many candidates from ordinary families have been successful in clearing one of the toughest exams in India and Himani Meena is one of those candidates who has proven that hard work and determination leads to success. 

About Himani Meena

Himani Meena has secured 323rd rank in UPSC Exam 2020. She was determined and hardworking towards her goal. Born on 16 August 1994, Himani did her schooling from Pragyan Public School in Jewar. She completed her graduation in B.A (H) Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, and MA in International Relation from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is also pursuing her Ph.D. in the same field.

Himani Meena's father Indrajit Meena is a farmer. He has studied up to class 12th. He is originally from Rajasthan and Resides in Sirsa Machipur village of Jewar Tehsil under Gautam Buddha Nagar of Noida.

Himani says in her interview with Krishi Jagran that it was her father who encouraged her for UPSC exams at an early age and gradually it became her dream too. She had great support from her parents financially as well as emotionally. She says about her parents that, “They never tried to create any barrier instead they became a shield that protected me from any kind of social pressure. I always had help and support from my parents and friends and that is why I never had a feeling of giving up.”

When she was asked about the secret to success she said, “ There is no other secret than hard work, you have to work hard to achieve what you inspired from whether it is Civil Services or any other exam”. Further, she said, “Especially for UPSC, persistence, and patience is what demanded from aspirants and especially be ready to face failure in case things go wrong and how to start after that”.

During her preparation, she used to give at least 8 hours per day and consistency was key to her success. It was her 4th attempt. She added that “I could not clear the first stage (prelims) in the first three attempts. After my 3rd attempt, I decided that I would go for coaching and it bridged all the gaps that I was lacking in my first three attempts”.

As we all know that UPSC exam is one of the hard exams to crack. 

During preparation, we face a number of problems and do struggle to keep ourselves motivated. Himani says whenever you feel discouraged do what makes you refresh and before starting studies remind yourself that “what was the reason behind starting this journey”. This thought will bring all answers to your question. So "Be Optimistic".

It was a privilege to have Himani Meena live with Krishi Jagran.

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