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Farmer’s Son from Sonipat Grabs Rs 67 lakhs Salary Package at Amazon

Sonipat Farmer’s Son Gets Job Offer From Amazon With Package Of Whopping Rs 67 Lakhs Per Annum

Chintu Das
Avnish Chhikara
Avnish Chhikara

Persistence pays off in the end, and there is no replacement for it. It couldn't be more valid in the context of a Sonipat farmer's son, who has got a job that would change his life forever. Avnish Chhikara, 22, had to pay for his B Tech course by offering home tuitions, but now he works for Amazon and earns Rs 67 lakh a year. 

Avnish is the son of a farmer-cum-driver from Kraweri village and a student at Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology (DCRUST) in Murthal, Sonipat. His accomplishment, which he attained through sheer willpower and perseverance, has made his parents extremely pleased. 

He spoke to the media about the difficulties he faced as a result of his family's inadequate circumstances. "There must have been times when I didn't have enough money to pay my university fees, but I made it work," he explained. 

Avnish further revealed that after his engineering classes, he used to study for 10 hours each day. During the pandemic, he enrolled for an internship with Amazon, which paid Rs 2,40 lakh per month. 

The American software company offered him a package of Rs 67 lakh per annum after being impressed by his efforts during the internship. The gift might be worth up to Rs 1 crore after a year. 

Prof Anayath, DCRUST vice-chancellor, was full of admiration for Avnish, adding he was happy that a student from a low-income family had accomplished this milestone through hard work. He also hoped that Avnish's narrative would inspire other youngsters to achieve greater heights. 

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