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Aadhaar update: Update Your Aadhaar Details Online For FREE Before September 14th To Avoid Charges

Aadhaar card users are required to update their aadhaar details for free before September 14, 2023. Check the steps to update aadhaar details online.

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Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: pmmodiyojana.in)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: pmmodiyojana.in)

The UIDAI has mandated a 10-year update for Aadhaar card details to ensure accuracy. Until September 14, 2023, Indians can freely update their information online, including name, address, date of birth, gender, mobile number, and email, as the usual Rs. 50 fee is temporarily waived by UIDAI.

To update biometric details like photos, iris scans, or fingerprints on an Aadhaar card, individuals must visit an Aadhaar enrolment centre and pay the applicable fee. This is because specialized biometric scanning machines available exclusively at these centres are needed for such updates. Additionally, verification procedures are in place to prevent fraudulent activities during biometric updates.

Why Is It Important To Update Aadhaar Details?

Updating Aadhaar information is necessary because the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which oversees Aadhaar, requires Indian residents to refresh their details every 10 years. This mandate ensures the accuracy and currency of Aadhaar data. Life events like marriage can prompt changes in demographic information, such as name and address. Relocations to new areas may result in updates to addresses and mobile numbers. Additionally, residents may need to modify relative's information due to events like marriages or deaths, and individuals may have personal reasons for updating mobile numbers, email addresses, and other details.

The government has established rules for updating the Aadhaar information of minors, requiring the submission of biometric data when a child turns 15 to keep their Aadhaar information accurate as they grow. Updating Aadhaar is vital to ensure the database's accuracy and currency, serving various important purposes.

  • To deter fraudulent activities and the improper use of Aadhaar.

  • To boost the success rate of Aadhaar authentication.

  • To enhance the quality of government-provided Aadhaar services.

Steps To Update Aadhaar Details Online

Residents can conveniently update their Aadhaar information online by creating a login ID and password on the UIDAI website. After setting up these credentials, they can submit their update requests. UIDAI will then verify these requests within 15 working days. Below is a concise step-by-step guide for updating demographic details on your Aadhaar card for free:

  1. Visit the UIDAI website

  2. Navigate to the "My Aadhaar" tab and choose "Update Your Aadhaar" from the dropdown menu.

  3. On the "Update Aadhaar Details (Online)" page, select "Proceed to Update Aadhaar."

  4. Provide your Aadhaar number and complete the Captcha verification, then click "Send OTP."

  5. Enter the OTP you receive and click "Login."

  6. Choose the demographic details you want to update and enter the new information accurately.

  7. After making the necessary changes, click "Submit."

  8. Upload the required scanned documents and click "Submit Update Request."

  9. You'll receive an Update Request Number (URN) via SMS on your registered mobile number; retain this URN for tracking purposes.

  10. To check the status of your update request, visit myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ and select "Check Enrolment & Update Status," then input your URN number and captcha to view the update request's status.

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