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Agri Protest: MPSC Candidates Protest Against New Exam Format in Maharashtra


With agitations in Nagpur, Pune, Kolhapur and Aurangabad, candidates voiced their opposition to the implementation of changes in the MPSC exam pattern from 2023.

Sonali Behera
MPSC Candidates Protest Against New Exam Format in Maharashtra
MPSC Candidates Protest Against New Exam Format in Maharashtra

MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission) candidates have been protesting in the state since January 25th, 2023 in opposition to a proposed UPSC-style exam format for the MPSC exams. Candidates want the new test format to start from 2025 instead of 2023.

According to the new Maharashtra Agricultural Services Main Examination curriculum, Agricultural Engineering degree holders are being unfairly treated in the MPSC exam.

Students of Agricultural Engineering from various agricultural colleges at all four agricultural institutions in the state began the Agri Student Protest on January 25th, calling for justice. Despite the government protests being on their tenth day, no action has been made by the government.

Speaking to Krishi Jagran, Samiksha (Agri engineering student and member of Maharashtra State Agricultural Engineering Association) said that “This unfair policy has caused a great deal of injustice to the degree candidates of Agricultural Engineering and violated the principle of equal natural opportunity. As the new Syllabus of Agricultural Services Mains Exam is causing injustice to the graduates of Agricultural Engineering, this unjust policy should be stopped immediately and both these exams should be suspended”.

Students protesting at Rahuri Campus
Students protesting at Rahuri Campus

Maharashtra State Agricultural Engineering Association also mentioned their other demands such as:

  • From 2023, State Services Main Examination must be conducted through the Maharashtra Public Service Commission, the optional subject of the Agricultural Engineering branch should be included like the optional subjects of other branches.

  • Separate Directorates for Agricultural Engineering should be established in the States.

  • Candidates from Agricultural Engineering Branch should be recruited in Soil and Water Conservation Department.

Another student, Arun (a student of agricultural engineering and a member of the Maharashtra State Agricultural Engineering Association), also told Krishi Jagran about the difficulties and avoidance they experienced as a result of the government’s action. He expressed his disappointment over government's negligence even on the tenth day. He even said Rahuri College's administrative offices were closed till noon as a result of the demonstration and that students were getting sick since they were demonstrating all day.

Students seen at the protesting ground after day long protest
Students seen at the protesting ground after day long protest

What’s different in the New Exam Pattern?

For the Maharashtra Agricultural Service Main Examination, the Maharashtra Public Service Commission has created a new curriculum. Instead of having the opportunity to select between agriculture and agri-engineering, Agri engineering students now only have ‘agriculture’ as an option. For engineering students, this is a challenge because the curriculum structure has entirely changed and they are unable to prepare for it in a reasonable amount of time.

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