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Agro Bihar-2023: Around 500 Farm Machinery Dealers Showcase Their Products

On February 9, Agriculture Minister Kumar Sarvjeet inaugurated the 11th edition of Agro Bihar, a state-level agricultural mechanisation exhibition, at Gandhi Maidan in Patna.

Shivam Dwivedi
Over 500 Farm Machinery Dealers Participate & Showcase Their Products in Agro Bihar-2023
Over 500 Farm Machinery Dealers Participate & Showcase Their Products in Agro Bihar-2023

Agro Bihar-2023 exhibition, which is being co-organized with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), will run until Sunday (February 12). The exhibition has 125 stalls in total, and around 500 agricultural machinery dealers from all districts of the state participated and showcased a varied range of products.

Machinery manufacturers from more than ten states have also set up shop at the fair. Aside from agricultural machinery, horticulture equipment, seeds, fertilisers, and processed agricultural products, the exhibition displays and sells them.

The state government has prioritised agriculture and developed a road map to further boost this sector and related industries. As a critical policy initiative, the state government has prioritised farm mechanisation, which increases cropping intensity, reduces unnecessary costs, and improves agricultural production efficiency.

Because of its large market, abundant labour, and raw materials, Bihar is gradually emerging as a commercial hub in Eastern India in agriculture and allied sectors.

"Modern farming requires modern equipment. Farmers are receiving subsidised quality seeds and agricultural machinery from the government. As a result, production costs have decreased significantly while product quality has increased," Sarvjeet stated.

"Under the Krishi Yatrikaran Rajya Yojana 2022-23, grants are being given on a total of 90 different types of agricultural machinery," he added.

Every day, over 4500 farmers from all districts of Bihar will visit the fair to learn about the latest agricultural machinery and land conservation. At the fairgrounds, a mobile soil testing laboratory has been set up so that farmers can test their soil.

This fair also includes the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), agricultural scientists from universities, and entrepreneurs. Agri-college students and children from local schools were invited to the expo to promote agriculture among the youth.

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