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Ahmedabad’s Flower Show Leaves PM Modi in Awe

Plants, saplings, cacti, bonsai, seasonal and exotic flowers, and floral varieties from all over the world are on display. Visitors to the flower show may see around 100 distinct rose varieties from Kashmir and other regions of the country.

Ayushi Sikarwar
PM Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File Image)

Ahmedabad's Flower Show was praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and described as "interesting" on Wednesday.

Replying to a tweet by Amdavad Municipal Corporation, he wrote, "Looks interesting. Over the years, Ahmedabad’s Flower Show has blossomed and drawn many people who are passionate about flowers and nature."

Amdavad Municipal Corporation shared a stunning video clip of the flower show with caption, "This is the world of flowers. Ahmedabad Flower Show - 2023. Come, enter a different delightful and fragnant world."

The Ahmedabad Flower Show first debuted in 2013 with the intention of bringing attention to horticulture, the natural world, and the environment. Through the initiative, people are educated on topics like how to set up gardens in offices, net houses, rooftops, and kitchens, among others.

The Sabarmati Riverfront has been the venue for the flower exhibition organized by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). The event draws a sizable crowd of locals, tourists, and visitors every year. It typically lasts for two weeks, while AMC also organizes special bus services from different sections of the city to the venue.

On display are seasonal and exotic flowers, plants, saplings, cacti, bonsai, and flower varieties from all over the world. Nearly 100 different rose varieties from Kashmir and other parts of the nation have been on display for visitors to the flower show. Species from Australia, Singapore, and Thailand have also been included, as well as hydrangea, guzmania, orchid, Dutch rose, gerbera, and petunia.

The presentation features vibrant views of floral replicas of various animals and birds, including giraffes, butterflies, deer, flamingos, peacocks, and Mickey Mouse. People can purchase flowering plants, fertilizer, and equipment for horticulture and gardening. Further, children's painting competitions of all kinds are held to raise their awareness of nature.

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