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5 Exotic Colored Sunflowers You May Have Not Seen Before

Sunflower is usually associated with the classic bright yellow. But this flower has many other interesting hues, enough to take your breath away.

Shipra Singh
Terracotta sunflower
Terracotta sunflower

Talk of sunflowers and the first image that comes to the mind is of a bright yellow sunflower. But sunflowers come in other colors too. Have you seen them? If not, stun yourselves with these colorful sunflower varieties. They can also make for a gorgeous Valentine’s Day gift bouquet. What’s more? You can even grow these sunflowers in your home garden for a stunning transformation.  

 Do you know sunflower is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful flowers?  And do you know there are a few uncommon uses of sunflower 

1. Terracotta Sunflower


This sunflower features beautiful red and orange hues that are more towards brown. That’s what gives these flowers a rusty color – neither red, nor orange. These flowers are ideal for home decoration. The variety has a strong stem and erect flowers that show an appreciable vase life. You can easily grow them in home garden in containers.  

2. Earthwalker sunflower 

This sunflower features mesmerizing dark earthy hues ranging from reds, golds, and browns. The plant can grow upto 6-9 feet. If you are looking for a flowering plant that can make a ‘style statement’ in your garden, pick this one.  

Earthwalker sunflower
Earthwalker sunflower

The flowers also feature uncommon warm shades like rusty red, burnt orange, and copper brown. Ever imagined a sunflower to be like this!  

Ms. Mars sunflower
Ms. Mars sunflower

3. Ms. Mars sunflower

This sunflower features a striking red purple hue that, at times, may become yellowish at the tips. The plants are low growing, upto 2 feet tall. These sunflowers are perfect for borders or for planting in flower beds to increase the aesthetic look of any garden. Some flowers of this variety can also turn a full pink.  

Wine red Chianti sunflower
Wine red Chianti sunflower

4. Chianti sunflower

This could be one of the darkest colored sunflowers. The wine-red petals are enchanting. You may even doubt it’s a sunflower! In some plants, the deep wine red petals show flecks of gold – beautiful! The stems are purplish. This plant makes for a stunning addition in a home garden.  

Moulin Rouge sunflower
Moulin Rouge sunflower

5. Moulin Rouge

This sunflower is true to its name – exotic and unique. Its burgundy red flowers are breath taking. It’s hard to describe this sunflower’s beauty in words. Plant this variety close together and get longer stems and smaller size flowers, which are of higher quality.  

So, if you want to perk up your home in the beautiful month of February, bring home any of the above varieties of sunflower. And, of course, the classic yellow sunflower is the ultimate choice. But the good thing is: you are not limited to yellow. Choose a sunflower based on your mood or taste.  

If you are looking to grow sunflower in home garden, make sure you keep them in full sunshine. Sunflower loves the sun. Well, it isn’t called a ‘sunflower’ just like that, right? 

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