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Alert! Are You Using AC at Home during Covid-19? Here is What You Must Know

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

As the number of covid-19 cases in the world is continuously increasing, a lot of myths have also come up. The country is talking about them whether it is true or not. Some of them are drinking hot beverages can be the ultimate cure of covid-19, drinking water can be a possible prevention. The list goes on.

People are talking about all such things nowadays & they genuinely want to know what really is the cure, & prevention of covid-19 pandemic. One such query was pointed out that whether our Air Conditioners installed in house can be harmful for us & aggravate COVID-19.

Can AC’s be used at home during covid-19 lockdown?

There is a tweet posted by the PIB Fact Check page, where the video of a DD News coverage shows that doctors were asked whether this claim was true or not. Dr. Aparna Agarwal, Director Professor of the Department of Medicine at the Lady Hardinge Medical College in Delhi said in the video, “We can switch on ACs in our homes, especially the ones which are window ACs. The problems will arise when, in bigger establishments which have central AC systems and if those establishments have a COVID-19 positive patient.”

Have a look at the video.

She also said that, there has been no proof that the hot weather can reduce the coronavirus effect, so precautions are a must even now. As per a document shared by the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) - "COVID-19 Guidance Document for Air Conditioning and Ventilation", people must use the ACs in their houses with the utmost caution, especially in healthcare establishments where the patients of coronavirus are admitted.

The document said, “The important factor amid covid-19 is to ensure that the virus-laden airborne particles do not leak out of the rooms occupied by COVID-19 patients & also to maintain the concentration of virus-laden particles inside the patient room at a minimum.”

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