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Alert! Monsoon Likely to Intensify Next Week: IMD

The monsoon trough is lying to the south of its normal position and is likely to remain so during the next five days. A cyclonic circulation is lying over north Chhattisgarh and neighbourhood. It is likely to move west-north-westwards across north Madhya Pradesh during the next three days

Ayushi Raina
Weather in India
Weather in India

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), widespread rain is expected in Uttarakhand and eastern Uttar Pradesh till Sunday, as the monsoon is expected to intensify again as a low-pressure area forms over the northeast and the east-central Bay of Bengal on Friday.

The monsoon trough is lying at south of its typical location and is expected to stay that way for the next five days. A cyclonic circulation is circling north Chhattisgarh and its surroundings. It is expected to travel west-north-westwards across north Madhya Pradesh during the next three days.

Another cyclonic circulation is flowing over West Rajasthan and the surrounding area. Because of these meteorological factors, scattered to widespread and heavy rain is expected in Uttarakhand till Sunday and in East Uttar Pradesh until Friday. Rainfall in Gangetic West Bengal and Odisha is expected to decline. Rainfall will be widespread across East Rajasthan and Gujarat, with isolated severe rainfall likely till Sunday. Rainfall in Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha, and Chhattisgarh is expected to be widespread and heavy till Thursday.

A cyclonic circulation is located off the coast of Myanmar and next to the Gulf of Martaban. It is expected to travel north-westward and emerge in the northeast and adjoining east-central Bay of Bengal.

On Friday, a low-pressure area is expected to emerge over the region due to its influence.

During the next 48 hours, the low-pressure area is expected to move west-north-westwards towards the Odisha coast. Under its impact, a fresh round of heavy rain is expected to hit Odisha and surrounding areas from Saturday.

So far this monsoon season, the capital has received 1,146.4 mm of rain, the greatest in 46 years and nearly double the amount recorded last year. This month alone, Delhi has received more than 390mm of rain, making it the second rainiest September since 1901. The greatest total for this month has ever been 417.3mm in September 1944.

The Safdarjung observatory, which is regarded the city's official marker, recorded more than 1,150 mm of rainfall during the monsoon season in 1975.

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