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Amit Shah Inaugurates APMC Kisan Bhavan at Krishi Shivir in Junagadh, Gujarat

Today, Amit Shah, Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, laid the foundation stone for the District Bank Headquarters and inaugurated the APMC Kisan Bhavan in Krishi Shivir, Junagadh, Gujarat.

Shivam Dwivedi
Millions of farmers are now embracing natural farming and reaping the benefits
Millions of farmers are now embracing natural farming and reaping the benefits

Amit Shah stated in his talk that the current shape of Junagadh District Cooperative Bank arose after numerous hurdles. He said that farmers doing natural farming would get fair price for their produce.

He further stated that since the country's independence, there has been a constant need for a separate Ministry of Cooperation, and to meet this desire, Prime Minister Narendra Modi established the Ministry of Cooperation.

According to the Union Minister of Cooperation, PM Modi has taken numerous key measures to advance cooperatives since the establishment of the Ministry of Cooperation. He informed that natural farming would be the only option for serving Mother Earth in the next years, since the continued use of DAP and Urea would turn the ground into concrete in the next 25 years.

He claims that DAP and urea destroy positive bacteria such as earthworms, and that having microorganisms in the fields prevents fossil and insect problems and eliminates the need to use insecticides. He claimed that our forefathers understood agriculture, but we believed that by adding urea, crops would thrive, polluting our soil. He stated that millions of farmers are now embracing natural farming and reaping the benefits.

By practising natural farming, yields grow, rainwater is captured, chemicals are avoided, and production increases, resulting in higher market prices. Shah stated that Prime Minister has begun a nationwide push to promote natural farming.

According to Amit Shah, the Union Cabinet, led by PM Modi, has made a critical decision to establish three national level Multi-State Cooperative Societies. He stated that two of these three societies are extremely beneficial to Gujarat's farmers. Under one of these organisations, the products of all organic farmers will be taken under the Amul patent, and the profits will be directly paid to the farmers' bank accounts. He suggested that if this technique is fully implemented, we would be able to preserve our land from the usage of urea and DAP, as well as our bodies from ailments such as cancer caused by their use. Water levels will rise, and the ecology will be preserved. He pushed all of the farmers in the programme to meet and adopt organic agricultural practises.

The Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation also stated that the Government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also established a cooperative organisation for grain export. The Multi-State Cooperative Export Society will act as an export house for the export of any farmer's produce in the country, with the benefit going directly to the farmer's bank account. He siad that the farmers' prosperity will improve with the application of this system. “It has been decided to establish a Cooperative Society in each Panchayat across the country. Plans have been made to register the Cooperative, Dairy, and Fishery Production Society as a single type of organisation.”

Farmers, according to Amit Shah, can reap numerous benefits from cooperatives. He stated that due to a robust cooperative framework, all of the Government of India's programmes will begin to reach all. He stated that the Government of PM Modi is resolved not only to double, but also to multiply, the income of the country's farmers during the next ten years.

Shah stated that Prime Minister Modi has also launched new agricultural initiatives such as the Kisan Credit Card, FPO, Krishi Sinchai Yojna, and maximum purchase on MSP. Under the new Ministry of Cooperation, the government has made the country's farmers prosperous.

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