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Arkansas University Releases aroma 17 an Aromatic Rice Variety

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Rice , wheat and maize are the world's three leading food crops; together they directly supply more than 42% of all the calories consume by the entire consumer population. Rice is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's population, especially in Asia. A Arkansas university who is research about the second  Aroma 17 rice variety, Is a public research university.  Aromatic rice are fragrant variety that organized in southern Asia. Jasmine rice type is especially popular in Thailand as well as growing market in American consumers. They are prized their light, fluffy texture, mellow nutty flour and floral scent.

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Aroma 17 fills a market niche for consumers who enjoy jasmine-type aromatic rice, Climate does not responsible for growing Thai jasmine rice. said research associate Debra Ahrent Wisdom. Aroma 17 offers a jasmine type adapted to Arkansas growing conditions for rice producer who want to serve that consumer market. “Aroma 17 is not intended for the mainstream rice market and growers should make arrangements with aromatic rice markets before planting,” said Nathan McKinney, assistant director of the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station and interim director of the Rice Research and Extension Center at Stuttgart, Ark. Aroma 17 was developed from a cross made at the rice Research and extension center in 2009 between jazzman-a Louisiana variety-and PI 597046, germ plasma donated to the USDA plant introduction and research program by the international rice research institute in 1994. The resulting cross was selected for advancement toward commercial release in 2012.

It is a second aromatic rice from the division of Agriculture rice breeding program, said Karen Moldenhauer, professor of rice breeding and holder of the Arkansas rice industry chair in the variety development. Research associate, Wisdom said milling yields are a little better than wells. In three years of Arkansas Rice Performance Trials, Aroma 17 averaged 67 percent whole kernel and 71 percent total milled rice. It has high straw strength and has better lodging resistance than Wells. The Arkansas target to reach everywhere in the world in 2018.

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