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Bangalore Severe Water Problems Can be Solved by This Traditional Solution

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Bangalore Lake

Bangalore is the technical hub of India. It is not wrong to say that it is India’s Silicon Valley. Many big multinational IT companies are located in Bangalore. These companies are sources of jobs for many people. We always hear about Bangalore traffic, but there is one more major problem that Bangalore is going through and that is Severe Water issues.

Severe Water Problems that Bangalore People are Facing

1. The lakes in Bangalore are already covered with froths made up of chemicals and sewage. The tech driven urban growth was not planned properly & as a result many people in Bangalore don’t have reach to fresh water.

2. Many localities, apartments & complexes do not get piped water supply. Many people have filed complaints & are still filing complaints about these severe water problems. But the help from the authorities still have not reached to these people.

3. Many residing in Bangalore are relying on private tankers to meet their water needs. These tankers get their supply from bore wells & some of bore wells are even 1500 ft deep. The problem is this practice is depleting Bangalore’s local water reserve. Many experts & people worry that the city of Bangalore can soon run out of water.

The Solution:

Traditional wells have always been a part of our culture for storing and consuming water. In Bangalore also, there are several wells that have been maintained by traditional well diggers for generations. They believe that wells can be used to tackle Bangalore’s modern day water problems.

Wells have been used by people for centuries but later we forgot about them. People are beginning to realize the importance of wells now & starting to think about using them. If bore wells are being continuously used then Bangalore will run out of water soon.

Ramakrishna, a well digger of 4th generation in his family along with Vishwanath Srikantaiah, a water conservationist are involved in a campaign to recharge Bangalore wells. The objective of the campaign is to replenish Wells & ground water levels with rain water. The campaigns aims for a million open replenish wells by the time it’s completed. This process also is more environmentally friendly than drilling bore wells into ground.

This campaign of replenishing wells can provide a more sustainable approach to water conservation & if the people of Bangalore can come forward & help the cause then the water crises can be solved completely before bore wells go dry.

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