Beehive Fencing: A Sustainable Trend in Fencing

Beehive fences are simple and cheapest method of protecting crops from wild animals. Usually, this method is used to deter elephants based on their natural fear of bees. It can reduce the conflict between humans and elephants by up to 85 percent. If an elephant disturbs the fence, then the hives shake and the bees become agitated, and the elephants are deterred. This method also offers an alternative to farming through the harvest of honey. 

Rural and small-scale farmers benefit from beehive fencing in many ways:
  • Reducing the invasion of elephants that often cause damage to individuals and properties
  • Increasing yield production
  • Increasing the bee pollination of crops
  • Providing additional income through bee products
  • Sustainable and natural method
  • Financially viable
Source: ADP Apiary exhibited at CODISSIA Agri Trade Fair 2018. It is a family owned small-scale business that cares and serves honeybees for more than four decades. They sell honey, beekeeping supplies, bee wax, bee pollen and special gift items.

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