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Big News! Pension Hiked for the Retired Central Government Employees Ex-Servicemen under 7th Pay Commission after Centre Releases Order

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Central government
Central Government Pension

The Central Government has now given good news to the Ex-servicemen. It has decided to revise pension of the Ex-servicemen who retired before 2006, thus, giving a big relief to them. These Ex-servicemen were getting a pension according to the 5th Pay Commission recommendations. 

However, now after revision, the Ex-servicemen will get pension under the 7th pay commission report recommendations. Adding to it, in this revision, the family pension would be included. 

How Central Government's decision to revise pension of the Ex-servicemen under 7th CPC will benefit them? 

Harishankar Tiwari, Assistant Secretary-General at All India Audit & Accounts Association said, "The Central Government's decision to revise pension of the Ex-servicemen, who retired before 2006, will be beneficial for those government employees in the armed forces whose monthly salary was below Rs 17,000."  

He added, “The Department of Personnel in the Central Government has approved the revision of pension for Ex-servicemen in July 2019. From then onwards, Prayagraj-based Principal Controllor of Defense Accounts (Pension) directed to implement the decision in the defense department. Principal Controller of Defense Accounts (Pension) has also issued an advisory to implement this pension revision decision in all departments of the Indian defense services.  

Pension revision includes family pension as well. In this revised pension, Rs 4,600 would be considered as corresponding grade pay and this pension is for those who retired before 2006 and were getting their pension as per the 5th CPC recommendations," said Tiwari. 

7th pay commission table: 

In 7th pay commission table number 24, pension at the time of retirement is stated. In this table, the pay scale of the defense staff was Rs 2000-60-2300-75-3200 in between 1st January 1986 to 31st December 1995. Whereas, from 1st January 1996 to 31st December 2005, the pay scale of the defense staffs was Rs 6500-200-10500.

From 1st January 2006 - 31st December 2015 pay scale became Rs 9300-34800 and Grade Pay became Rs 4600. From 1st January 2016, Level 7 (Rs 44900 to Rs 142400) started. 

In table 25, pay scale post-retirement is present. Here, pay scale from 1st January 1986 to 31st December 1995 was Rs 2000-60-2300-75-3200-100-3500 which became Rs 6500-200-10500 from 1st January 1996 to 31st December 2005.

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