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Big Offer! Book Your LPG Cylinder for just Rs. 69, Check Complete Details Here

Here is an offer by which you can buy gas cylinder for just 69 rupees. Yes…!! You read it right, just 69 rupees for an LPG cylinder. Let us proceed to know the whole process. This offer is available for limited time, till 28 February only.

Sangeeta Soni
Get LPG at Just Rs. 69
Get LPG at Just Rs. 69

The price of Gas Cylinders is continuously increasing. For cooking purpose, we have to purchase gas cylinders no matter whether the price is high or low.

Today we will tell you about a plan in which you can get gas cylinder for just 69 rupees. Isn’t it a great offer. 

We are providing this information for the farmers who also use LPG gas cylinders. 

So let us proceed to know the whole process. This offer is available for limited time, till 28 February only. Present price of LPG cylinder is 769 rupees but if you book your cylinder through Paytm then you will get cashback of 700 rupees.  

Know how to get cashback up to Rs. 700

  • This offer can be availed through Paytm. Users will have to book LPG cylinders through Paytm.

  • First of all, download the Paytm app on your phone if you don’t have it. 

  • Then, tap on the ‘recharge & pay bills’ option mentioned on the main page. Then, tap on ‘Book a cylinder’.

  • Then, a page will be opened. Select your gas service provider and then enter your 17 digit LPG ID. 

  • Then select the gas agency. You can also add consumer number or registered mobile number in place of LPG ID. Then, tap to proceed.

  • After confirming the details, scroll down and an offer will be written that users will be given a cashback up to 700 rupees through a scratch card.

  • Tap on proceed to book cylinder.

  • After this, you will be given some offers, and there will be an option to Apply Promo code.

  • Tap on it and tap on ‘Apply’. And then, you will be proceeding to payment page.

  • Here you will have to pay 769 rupees. But, you will get some amount back in cash back. And you can get cashback up to 700 rupees. 

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