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Blue Ice is it Safe!

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan
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These days during summers, the scene is very common that children and ladies are eating `Ice Golas` not only in the capital city Delhi but in every metro city. People used to drink the cane juice for refreshing themselves with lot of ice. The fruit juice or the vegetable juices are common and the ice is there to give them the cool touch. The ice Chuski looks very tasty, refreshing but brings lot of problems after the consumption which consumers are unaware.

Few months earlier the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) took samples of ice from ice gola stalls and juice shops from various locations in Mumbai. The results were  scary as more than 95 percent of the samples failed the test and were not fit to eat.

During the sample test, 74 percent of ice samples had e-coli bacteria which causes stomach-related diseases. This has lead to doctors asking Mumbaikars not to eat roadside ice golas or drink juice with ice from roadside shops.

Dr Avinash Supe, Dean of KEM Hospital Mumbai, says that e-coli bacteria causes chest and liver infection, diarrhea, vomiting, fever etc. So people should avoid eating outside and stay away from contaminated food.

Due to contaminated food and water, gastroenteritis patients are increasing every day. Between January and February 2018, 1362 patients visited hospitals in Mumbai due to stomach infection.

Actually there are two types of ice. One is edible and the second is inedible, which is in blue colour. Though blue colour is very promising due to our cricket players dress,  the English proverb, the blue eyed boy and the sky is also blue with the sea water known as blue colour and all these are soothing but the blue colour ice is just to indicate that it is industrial ice not suitable for eating.

The civil authorities warned the consumers with the indication that Blue Coloured Ice,  is not to be consumed. It is contaminated. After the BMC found this April that 70 percent of ice samples sourced from across the city were contaminated, the FDA has decided to change the colour of non-edible ice manufactured across the state to blue.

Maharashtra is  the first state to do so.  The idea, borrowed from the FDA in the US, involves using colour to differentiate edible and inedible ice. 

Ice used for consumption is made from potable water. While for industrial purposes, the source of the water could be anything.

Recently,  the scientists at Tokyo & Bristol Universities found that a tetrahedral arrangement of molecules, which is essentially a pyramid shape, and it's this shape that apparently gives water such amazing abilities that becomes the Amrit  (just like the Ganga water and the Aabe Zam Zam at Makka). Researchers from the University of Bristol and the University of Tokyo recently used a supercomputer to model the structure of how water molecules arrange themselves, and what they found might finally solve the mystery of this magical substance. To test this, researchers were able to run computer models that arranged water molecules in other shapes besides the pyramid. What they found was that as soon as the tetrahedral arrangement was broken down, water began behaving more like a normal liquid.

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