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Brahmakumaris: Sustainable Capacity Building – Empowering Individuals and Communities to Act in Challenging Times at UNCCDCOP14

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

The core agenda of the fourteenth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (COP14) is Reversing land degradation and its outcomes while accelerating positive achievements for people and for ecosystems with a view to deliver on Sustainable Development Goals. Within the sidelines of the official sessions there are umpteen side events organized of the Conference of the Parties (COP) and its subsidiary bodies convened by the UNCCD to provide an informal opportunity for Parties and get accredited observer organizations to exchange information and experiences on diverse issues related to the objectives of the Convention. 

Agriculture World had the opportunity to attend the side event conducted by the Brahmakumaris in the wake of sustainable capacity building –empowering individuals and communities to act in challenging times on 3rd September 2019. 

"Our inner climate impacts the outer climate."We are living in times where humanity is in desperate search for answers – answers to crises experienced in every area of life. Be it social, economic, political, or environmental, we continue to search everywhere; yet the one place we can easily overlook is inside ourselves.        Brahmakumaris                                                                                           

AW appreciates the technology of consciousness imparted to us by this session to transform Agriculture for Sustainability to benefit our planet. A journey, which starts from ME to WE. Monocrop to Economy Wide Diversification through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. The session that taught us how to divert the application of mind power for pure and positive vibrations. 

John Ndiritu currently works at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.  He has recently been working on reservoir system optimization and the application of nonparametric methods for synthetic streamflow generation. John Ndiritu has been working on water related projects and research for 24 years. His experience includes water distribution, flood hydrology, hydrologic modelling, integrated water resources systems planning and analysis and hydroinformatics. He has been practicing yoga meditation from 1992. His research about assessing the effect of Psychoenergentic on water using seedling development, crop yield and nutrition content was very interesting. He spoke on how Metaphysical energy could enhance the yield of carrots and how thought energy could retard algae growth.  Energy of Human Consciousness has significant influence on matter and water has been found to respond significantly to this energy. This study aimed to find out if applying intention on the water used to germinate seeds and to irrigate crops enhances seedling development, crop yield and nutrition content. Statistically significant effects of conscious intention were realized. 

Liz of Diversearth spoke on Sacred Natural sites for transformation and Resilience. Sacred Natural sites are rich in biodiversity, connected to nature and are special places for resilience. Sacred sites have natural elements which we can get connected to. Religious Sites like Bhutan as a country is considered to be sacred. These sacred sites give us the power to transform environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. Importance for resilience lies in imparting Health, Strength and Protection. Rajesh Dave of Agri and Rural Development Department, Brahmakumaris University spoke on Yogic farming and its implications on human health and Consciousness.

Anita from the Brahmakumari Head Quarters from Mount Abu spoke on creating an awareness full of virtues and inner power. She also spoke on how to change, maintain and use ones awareness of a bestower. When the World becomes chaotic we need to Stop and turn inwards, observe and discern and steer up and serve. One needs to connect with the sources of Values and Pure energy to fill and empower oneself. The future times are very challenging, we need to keep our thoughts simple and effective to wade through this world. Positive Energy and vibrations should empower us to help create the balance of the planet Earth. 

AW received many positive vibrations and several insights through this side event. We hope to attend many such side events as we participate in UNCCD COP14. 

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