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Breaking New Ground: Bioprime Agrisolutions Reveals India's Extensive Microbes Library to Fuel Sustainable Agriculture Innovation

Bioprime Agrisolutions introduced the Bionexus library. It is the largest and one-of-a-kind collection of plant-associated microbes in India. Read more details!

Vivek Singh
File Image (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)
File Image (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)

Bioprime Agrisolutions, an innovative startup in agricultural biotechnology, is thrilled to introduce the Bionexus library, the largest and one-of-a-kind collection of plant-associated microbes in India. This groundbreaking initiative aims to revolutionize our approach to crop resilience, productivity, and plant protection by unlocking the hidden potential of microbial communities living within plants.

Understanding that each plant functions as a complex ecosystem with diverse microbial organisms that interact symbiotically and impact the plant's growth and performance, Bioprime Agrisolutions has developed an advanced high-throughput screening process. This cutting-edge approach examines the physiological and biochemical responses of plants to microbes, facilitating the identification and validation of promising leads for further comprehensive plant studies and omics.

Currently, the Bionexus library boasts an impressive assortment of over 15,000 microbial isolates, gathered from more than 300 locations across India. These valuable resources include samples from a wide range of regions, such as Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Pangong Tso in Leh, Sonmarg in Kashmir, as well as caves in Kerala. The collection encompasses microbes from various habitats, ranging from sea level to 16,500 feet, pH levels of 5 to 11, rainfall measurements of 210 mm to 11,430 mm, and temperatures spanning from -8°C to 70°C.

These habitats include grasslands, rainforests, lakes, caves, deserts, glaciers, river basins, hot water and sulfur springs, mines, and many more. This extensive database of microbial diversity will offer researchers and scientists unprecedented insights into India's distinctive microbial ecology, which is particularly vital in the face of climate change and the urgent need for sustainable agriculture. These efforts have already yielded fruitful outcomes, with the discovery of over 2,000 novel microbes displaying significantly higher activities.

Dr. Renuka Diwan, the Co-Founder & CEO of Bioprime Agrisolutions, expressed her enthusiasm for the launch of the Bionexus library, emphasizing its importance in advancing sustainable agriculture. By studying the intricate relationship between plants and their microbial communities, Bioprime Agrisolutions aims to uncover the secrets of nature and unleash the full potential of crops. The library will serve as a catalyst for innovation, driving the development of new products and solutions that enhance crop resilience, productivity, and protection. Drawing from the vast knowledge stored in the Bionexus library, Bioprime Agrisolutions has already identified eight promising products in the pipeline. These upcoming innovations have the potential to revolutionize agriculture and address the pressing challenges faced by farmers.

The launch of the Bionexus library reflects Bioprime Agrisolutions' dedication to leading-edge research and development in agricultural biotechnology. With a focus on sustainable practices and climate-resilient crops, the company aims to redefine the future of farming not only in India but also globally.

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