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Can Cows’ piss, piss off Cancer cells ?

Cow : probably the most sacred animal in India. People have not denied or ignored the importance of cow in any matter from farm to field to their kitchens.

Monika Mondal

Cow is probably the most sacred, domesticated and advantageous animal in India. People have not denied or ignored the importance of cow in any matter from farm to field to their kitchens. However, also it cannot be ignored that few sections of the society are obsessed with the animal. Bizzare comments like it should be made the national animals of the country, it exhales oxygen follows an inexhaustible list.

However, this time the statements are not coming from some layman, it's from few scientists. From time to time, Scientist have presented very lesser known facts to the world which has only left population awestruck. A few decades back, cancer was a taboo, but now, doctors have found cure. But the chemotherapy and radiotherapy which generally are the part of the treatment leaves scar on one's life with many side effects. Lately, a group of scientists has claimed that they have found cow urine to be a panacea for few of the cancer cells.

Scientists from Junagarh, Gujarat have found cure for Cancer from the urine of cow. The scientists claim that cow urine can cure most types of common cancers such as those of mouth, cervix, lungs, kidney, skin and breast.

Researches take time to come up with a result, and this research showed it fruitfulness in one year. “This research was very risky because we directly experimented on cancer cells procured in a bottle. We found the exact quantity of cow urine required to kill a particular number of cancer cells in a day,” says Shraddha  Bhatt, an assistant professors part of the research team.

Bhatt is accompanied by Rukamsinh Tomar and research fellow Kavita Joshi. “The next step is to experiment it on a rat. Once this is successful, we will create oral pills for a different type of cancers.”

It is also claimed that Chemotherapy kills healthy cells too while cow urine only kills infected cells. Though this report is not backed by any trusted evidence and the experiment is yet to take proper shape.

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