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Chennai Power Shutdown: Many Parts in City Face Power Outage Due To Scheduled Maintenance

Chennai is likely to face a power outage on Tuesday, July 25 due to scheduled maintenance work.

Vivek Singh
Power Shutdown In Chennai Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)
Power Shutdown In Chennai Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)

Certain areas of Chennai have experienced temporary power outage issues due to scheduled maintenance work today. The power cuts, which are planned by TANGEDCO (Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company), took place from 9 am to 2 pm. TANGEDCO had mentioned that if the maintenance work is finished ahead of schedule, the power supply will be restored before 2 pm.

Power Shutdown in Following Areas of Chennai 


Ramanujam street, Vinayaga mudhali street, Kothaval chavadi, Wall tax road, Perumal mudhali street, Goodown street, Thulasingam street, PKG area, Veerappan street, Kalyanapuram Housing Board, Vaikunda Vaithiyar street, Ayya Mudahali street, Govindappa street, Kannaiah Naidu street and above all surrounding areas.


Sardar Jung Garden, Manicka maistry street, Perumal street, Perumal mudali street, Devaraj Street, Surappan streen, Subramaniya vaidyar street, Tambu Naickan street, Thangavel vaidyar street, Somu mudali street, Arumuga achari street, Iyyasamy chetty street, Thanappa chetty street, Dr. Besant Road and above all surrounding areas.

IT Corridor

Sholinganallur, Thiruvalluvar Salai, TNHB SIRUSERI Sipcot TARAMANI Srinivasan Nagar, Nehru nagar and above all surrounding areas.

Anna Nagar

Thirumangalam, Entire Metro zone, IOB, V.R Mall, TNHB Quarters, Ambedkar Nagar, Mettu Kuppam and all surrounding areas.


Mudichur, Mullai Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Mahalakshmi nagar, Kambar avenue, swamy nagar MADAMBAKKAM Maruthi nagar ALS Nagar, Manickam avenue, SR colony, Kovilambakkam, M.G.R nagar, Vinayagapuram, West Anna nagar and all above surrounding areas.


Besant Nagar, Balakrishna Road, Jayaram Nagar, Teachers colony, Jayaram Street and above all surrounding areas.


Mangadu, Ragunathapuram full area, Kollumanivakkam full area, Srinivasa nagar, Kamatchi nagar, Addision nagar, KK nagar KOVOOR Nadaipathai. Kannappan Nagar, Thiruvalluvar Street and above all surrounding areas.


Thiruverkadu, Pulliambedu, Devi nagar, Balaji Nagar, Lakshmi Nagar, Mogappair, Golden Flats, Golden Colony, JJ Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar and all above surrounding areas.


Nanganallur, Nehru colony, TNGO, Lakshmi Nagar, Jayanthi Nagar ST. THOMAS MOUNT Mangaliamman Arch, Nandambakkam, Nasarathpuram and all above surrounding areas.


Thirumullaivoyal, Women’s Industrial Estate, Sidco Thirumullaivoyal.

How Power Shutdown In Chennai Can Affect Farmers?

Power cuts can have significant effects on agriculture, especially in areas heavily reliant on electricity for irrigation, storage, and processing. Here are some of the ways power cuts can impact agriculture:

Irrigation: Many agricultural areas rely on electric pumps and irrigation systems to water their crops. Power cuts can disrupt the irrigation schedule, leading to inadequate water supply for crops, which can result in reduced yields or even crop failure.

Water Storage: Power is often needed to pump and distribute water to storage tanks or reservoirs on farms. During power cuts, the availability of water for crops can be compromised, affecting their growth and health.

Crop Storage and Processing: Power is essential for operating cooling systems and refrigeration units used to store and preserve harvested crops. Power cuts can lead to spoilage and wastage of perishable goods.

Dairy and Poultry Farming: Power outages can affect temperature control in dairy and poultry farms, impacting animal health and productivity. Incubators, ventilation systems, and milking machines may not function properly, causing stress to the animals and reducing yields.

Processing Industries: Many agricultural products undergo processing before reaching the market. Food processing industries require continuous power supply for machinery and equipment. Power cuts can disrupt production and cause financial losses.

Data and Technology: Modern agriculture relies on data-driven practices and technology, including weather forecasting, automated equipment, and farm management systems. Power cuts can disrupt these systems, making it challenging for farmers to make informed decisions.

Loss of Income: Reduced crop yields and quality due to power cuts can lead to financial losses for farmers. They may struggle to meet their financial obligations and invest in future farming activities.

Increased Costs: To mitigate the impact of power cuts, farmers may need to invest in alternative power sources, such as diesel generators or solar panels. These solutions can add to their operational costs.

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