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This Man Is Helping Farmers of Tamil Nadu In Growing Crops Despite “Drought & Power Outages”

David is the assistant director of Horticulture Kadayam in Tirunelveli, a district in Tamil Nadu. Invested in agricultural development, he has, over the years, helped local farmers make the most of available resources, micro financing options and has also developed solar devices and traps for pests.

Ayushi Raina
P. David Raja Beula with his Drought Fighter solar water pumps
P. David Raja Beula with his Drought Fighter solar water pumps

Despite the fact that farming is the primary source of income for the majority of Indians, it is still highly reliant on weather and the availability of resources like water. It's no surprise that farmers are desperate due to the continuous drought.

While farmer suicides make headlines, and experts fear that the situation will deteriorate, rural India is taking little but major initiatives to alleviate farmers of their difficulties.

P. David Raja Beula is one such change maker, with his Drought Fighter solar water pumps optimizing agriculture output while using little water and fuel resources.

David works as the assistant director of Horticulture Kadayam in Tirunelveli, a Tamil Nadu district. He has invested in agricultural development throughout the years, assisting local farmers in making the most of available resources, microfinancing possibilities, and developing solar devices and pest traps.

"When I went to tour the nearby farms, I witnessed the farmers trying to take water from wells. Once, I was at a bus stop and came upon a tiny package of jasmine flowers for sale. The seller told, the farmer's motor only operated for an hour and that was all they received. I agreed to meet with the farmer, who told me in tears that all of his plants will dry up in a month." He says

David Created “Drought Fighter Sprayer”

David promised the farmer that he would assist him. And, that's exactly what he did. He not only advised the farmer to acquire some water, but he also created the Drought Fighter Sprayer, a solar spraying device.

"All he had to do was add coco peat to the soil and spray," he explains. His initial solar device was designed particularly for small farms that specialize in vegetable and flower gardening. As David spoke with farmers and tested his devices, he realized that the same concepts might be used to create larger pumps.

The drought fighter solar pump is a portable device that can pull water from up to 20 feet into the ground, allowing access to deeper water sources.

A solar panel, suction tube, small delivery tube, and spray gun are included with the device. Farmers use the suction tube to pull water from ponds and smaller bodies of water. The delivery tube must be connected to the spray gun in order to irrigate the crops. The solar panel reduces fuel use, and the device has a battery backup as well.

Furthermore, the device may be used to spray compost and soluble fertilizers, and David suggests it for dairy farms, where workers can use it to channel livestock manure rather than cleaning it manually.

The products are the result of David's years of research and development, as well as several rounds of testing with farmers, to get the equipment to its current level.

"I wanted to help, so I researched [agricultural concerns and equipment] to come up with my own alternatives," he adds. "I begin by thinking about the farmers' problems and drawing illustrations of the designs." After I've completed the design, I collaborate with electricians to build the devices. It's not simple; it took me nearly five years to construct the machine."

David additionally improved the product based on feedback from farmers. He has led four training sessions, introducing over 100 farmers to time-saving watering and agricultural techniques.

His initiatives have not only benefited farmers in Tirunelveli, but they are also gaining traction across the country.

David accepts orders from all throughout the country and has transported his equipment to places like Patna, Noida, and Mumbai. He expects that his technologies can help farmers tackle the scarcity of agricultural resources more efficiently, not just in Tamil Nadu but across the world.

"It makes me delighted to have done something to assist when NGOs contacted me after reading an article, or when youngsters show it to their parents in the newspaper," he says humbly. He is progressively establishing the framework for such sustainable gadgets to reach more people in need as he works on the model.

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