Control of Leaf Curl Virus in Chillies

Demonstration of IPDM module for management of leaf curl disease in chilli at farmer's field in Khargone, M.P., India Demo: Treatment of seed with Imidacloprid 70 WS @ 10g/kg seed, covering nursery beds with nylon net of 40 mesh, dipping seedling in Imidacloprid 17.5 SL @ 7 ml /l for 20 minute, growing 3 rows of maize as barrier crops, installation of yellow sticky trap @ 50/ha, spray of Neem oil @ 2 ml/l 2-3 times at 10 days interval+ need based spray of insecticides (as a last weapon) viz., Confidor 0.3ml/l, Actara @ 0.3g/l and Regent @ 2g/lit for controlling of sucking pests and vector.

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