Corteva Agriscience of Dow DuPont launches Pexalon for Paddy Farmers to be available in Market in August 2018

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Cortera Agriscience, the agriculture division of the merged entity of DowDuPont, has launched Pexalon, a hopper management solution for paddy farmers.

Hoppers can cause serious damages to paddy. “Losses in grain yield vary from 10 to 70 percent if proper control measures are not initiated at the right time,” KV Subbarao, South Asia leader of Cortera Agriscience, has said. He further added that the product would hit the market in August, just in time for use in the Kharif crop.

“It will meet the needs of Indian rice growers and help them address the longstanding challenge of damaging pests, specifically the brown planthoppers and white-backed planthoppers,” he said.
Cortera Agriscience South Asia Leader KV Subbarao said India’s rice yields were significantly lower than the global average owing to the menace of aggressive planthoppers. 

The losses in grain yield were significantly lower than the global average owing to the menace of aggressive planthoppers.  The losses in grain yield were estimated to vary from 10 percent in moderately affected fields to a high of 70 percent in severely affected fields if proper control measures weren’t initiated at the right time, he said. 

The product manufactured in a third-party facility in the city was launched for other rice cultivating Asian countries during the initial month of 2018. While the formulation of the product will be made available later to other south and eastern states of India, the technical component of the formulation is exported to other Asian countries, to be localized as per their needs.

Pexalon™ First. For Confidence all Season Long. DuPont™ Pexalon™ insect control, powered by the groundbreaking technology of Pyraxalt™, provides up to 25 days of consistent hopper control for a cleaner, greener harvest. Pexalon™ provides farmers and the communities they serve with responsibly grown rice that can contribute to a healthier, more nutritious food supply. To increase confidence and yield potential, all it takes is for farmers to make one simple change. Applying Pexalon™ first (and only once) in the early growth stage, then following up three weeks later with an alternative mode of action pesticide — preferably pymetrozine. With the help of Pexalon™, farmers can produce clean, green stems and strong roots, and help realize more productive tillers and harvests. Apply Pexalon™ first to build confidence all season long.

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