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COVID 19 Alert! Permanent Loss of Smell for Some Coronavirus Survivors?

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma

One of the first symptoms can become a lifetime problem for some of Coronavirus survivors, i.e. Anosmia or Loss of Smell. The person can be a handicap, it affects the psychology & it’s really difficult to live with it. Furthermore, there is no real treatment for this.

After surviving the encounter with COVID-19, number of people are paying heavy prices in terms of long-term or permanent loss of smell. “Anosmia cuts you off from the smells of life, it’s a torture,” said Maillard, president of anosmie.org, a French group designed to help sufferers, according to an NDTV report.

People are unable to smell coffee, tea & soaps. Furthermore, with Anosmia, people can’t smell fire smoke & even gas leak.

There are at least dozens of causes for Anosmia & Coronavirus has been recently added to the list. The bad news is that the treatment of Coronavirus has no effect on a person’s inability to smell. The viral infectious disease destroys the olfactory neurons for some survivors. These olfactory neurons are responsible for detecting smells. The good news is that these olfactory neurons are at the back of the nose & are able to regenerate.

Rothschild and Lariboisiere, two hospitals in Paris have launched a study “CovidORL”, for the investigation of the phenomenon. It will also test about how well can different nose washes cure Anosmia.

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