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Scientific Study Found that These Ayurvedic Herbs Blocks Coronavirus from Affecting a Person’s Body; Results Shared with WHO

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma

If you are one of those who regularly consumes Turmeric, Neem &Tulsi in their diet then you are not just building your immunity but also stops novel coronavirus from affecting your body to an extent. These findings are from original research conducted by team of scientists at King George Medical University. The research was conducted on natural herbal products from Ayurveda.

The study has been peer reviewed at has been published in Nature Journal of Viral Diseases was conducted by 3D structure based drug designing. COVID-19 is caused by SARS-COV-2 virus & this research direct interaction is studied between Herbal Products & the virus. The results proved that some of these immunity boosting products from Ayurveda specially Haldi, Neem, Ashwagandha& Black Pepper can restrict the viruses attachment to the host cell receptor ACE2. This is confirmed by the lead researcher professor Saxena.

He suggested that these natural products & drugs from Ayurveda may be useful as therapeutic agents during COVID-19. They can be given alongside allopathic medicines to the patients who are suffering from Coronavirus.

Professor Saxena further added that Healthcare workers can also be given special doses of these ayurvedic herbs & drugs to protect them from effectively falling prey to the virus.

The study claims to be the first of its kind to prove with data that home remedies can be affective against coronavirus to a large extent. Professor Saxena also informed that this study has been sent to World Health Organization (WHO) due to its relevance to the outbreak of COVID-19.

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