Crop Residue Management: Punjab failed to utilize the allocated fund

Punjab government has not used the government fund, 97.58 crore, allocated for the crop residue management for the period of 2016-18, according to the government release.

Ministry data showed that Haryana had utilised Rs 39 crore of the Rs 45 crore allocated to it this year but there was no allocation in 2016-17 and Rajasthan utilised a third of its Rs 9 crore. Uttar Pradesh was allocated Rs 54.77 crore over two years and has used 50.78 crore of its allocated fund.

According to the Central government report, burning of crop residues in the state like Punjab, Haryana, UP and Rajasthan also contributes to increasing environmental pollution levels. National Green Tribunal has directed the Delhi government and these other four states to take strict measures to deal with this serious biennial threat.

In this regard, Agriculture Ministry issued an advisory to the state governments to create awareness among the farmers about the harmful effect of straw burning.  The State governments have been directed to facilitate the farmers for purchasing residue management machines and equipment through custom hiring centres or village level Farm Machinery Banks.  

The state governments have also been directed that Rs 4000 per hectare shall be used from the funds available for demonstration of machines under sub-mission on agricultural mechanisation for the demonstration of straw management machinery at farmers’ fields.

(Source: PIB)

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