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Delhi University Unveils Webinars to Support Prospective Students

Delhi University conducts webinars for the ease of student's admissions starting from June 19.

Vivek Singh
Department of Zoology (Delhi University) (Photo Courtesy: glimpses.du.ac.in)
Department of Zoology (Delhi University) (Photo Courtesy: glimpses.du.ac.in)

Delhi University (DU) has unveiled a series of captivating webinars, commencing on June 19. These virtual spectacles are meticulously crafted to assist aspiring students in navigating the labyrinthine admission process for undergraduate programmes. A symphony of knowledge and insight awaits those who dare to partake.

As the curtain rises on the academic year 2023-24, the admission process for 78 undergraduate programmes has been set into motion, igniting the hopes and dreams of countless eager minds. In a testament to their unwavering commitment, Delhi University (DU) unveils plans for an ingenious website, a sanctuary dedicated to addressing and resolving the grievances that may arise during the admissions journey.

Guiding this grand endeavour is the esteemed Dean of Admission, Haneet Gandhi, whose vision has brought forth a compendium of frequently asked questions, a treasure trove of knowledge that awaits discovery within the hallowed halls of the university's website. Moreover, the admission branch itself has manifested as a sacred ground, with housing helpdesk facilities specially crafted for the enlightenment of prospective candidates.

"To aid our cherished candidates, we have meticulously curated a vast array of information, ensuring no stone is left unturned. From textual marvels, embodied in bulletins of information, to captivating visuals that paint a tapestry of eligibility through infographics and flowcharts, and even the mesmerizing realm of videos, where webinars and recorded form-filling sessions breathe life into the admission process," proclaims Gandhi as per the media reports, his voice brimming with enthusiasm.

In a realm where technology and knowledge converge, Delhi University summons the power of Chatbots and emails to provide an enchanting online support experience. As prospective students embark on their quest for undergraduate, postgraduate, or PhD admissions, they are invited to unlock the secrets of wisdom by communicating with these mystical entities. A simple message to the designated email addresses, ug@admission.du.ac.in for undergraduates, pg@admission.du.ac.in for postgraduates, and phd@admission.du.ac.in for PhD aspirants, will open the doors to a world of answers and guidance.

The admission branch of this prestigious institution announces a series of captivating webinars, set to captivate and educate, beginning on Monday. These virtual gatherings, infused with the essence of magic, will be brought to life on the  admission website of Delhi University—admission.du.ac.in. Every detail, every secret, every insight shall be unveiled, guiding candidates through the labyrinth of form filling, certificate uploads, reservation policies, and the sacred art of selecting the perfect program and college. Prepare to be enthralled, for these webinars shall be conducted in the melodic harmony of two languages, ensuring no knowledge remains hidden.

To navigate this mesmerizing realm, prospective students are advised to heed the call of the admission website and its alluring dashboards, where updates, schedules, and guidelines come to life. However, a word of caution echoes through the enchanted halls: Trust only the whispers of truth that emanate from the official website and social media platforms of the University of Delhi.

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