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Dr H Purushotham, CMD NRDC visited Krishi Jagran - Agricultural Technologies the backbone of the Progress of the Farmers

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

National Research development Corporation (NRDC), Public Sector Enterprise of the Department of Scientific Industrial Research(DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology is the premier technology transfer organization and commercialising the innovations and helping the innovators. In view of the repository of more than 5000 technologies including the Agricultural Technologies for the benefit of the farming community.

Dr H Purushotham, Chairman and Managing Director visited Krishi Jagran Head Office in New Delhi and spoke to the Krishi Jagran Team. Shri M C Dominic, Editor in Chief welcomed Dr Purushotham and apprised him about the working of the Krishi Jagran and the linkages with the KVKs and with the help of the Regional District Coordinators reaching to the Farmers of the India. Mrs Shiny Dominic was also present on the occasion.

Krishi jagran gave the programme, the importance by giving the live coverage on the facebook main page along with the highlighting the CMD, NRDC visit in all the concerned WhatsApp groups.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Purushotham mentioned about the new fertilizer, which the farmer himself can prepare for the growth of the crop. CMD, NRDC, was impressed the way Krishi Jagran is serving the farming Community. He suggested that the KJ team is expert in communication, hence, can be more useful in disseminating the agricultural technologies available with NRDC.

Dr Purushotham  also highlighted the working of the NRDC which was established in 1953 by the  Government of India, with the primary objective to promote, develop and commercialize the technologies / know-how / inventions / patents / processes emanating from various national R&D institutions / Universities and is presently working under the administrative control of the Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology.

During the past six decade of its existence and in pursuance of its corporate goals, NRDC has forged strong links with the scientific and industrial community in India and abroad and developed a wide network of research institutions, academia and industry and made formal arrangements with them for the commercialization of know-how developed in their laboratories and is now recognised as a large repository of wide range of technologies spread over almost all areas of industries, viz. Agriculture and Agro-processing, Chemicals including Pesticides, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Bio Technology, Metallurgy, Electronics and Instrumentation, Building Materials, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics etc.

It has licensed the indigenous technology to more then 4800 entrepreneurs and helped to establish a large number of small and medium scale industries. CMD, NRDC  also given the vision of NRDC To be a leading Technology Transfer Organization in India and the mission is to promote, develop, nurture and commercialize innovative, reliable and competitive technologies from R&D institutes through value addition and partnership. To sensitize R&D institutions and industry about technologies that needs to be developed and commercialized.

Besides being the torch bearer in the field of technology transfer, NRDC also undertakes number of activities under its structured promotional programme for encouragement and advancement of research, promotion of inventions and innovations such as meritorious inventions awards, Techno-Commercial support, Technical and financial assistance for IPR Protection, Value addition services and support for further development of technologies and much more. 

NRDC has also successfully exported technologies and services to both developed as well as the developing countries. NRDC is recognised, particularly in the developing countries, as the source of reliable appropriate technology, machines and services, which are typically suitable for these countries. Mentioning the few of the agricultural technologies, these are:

Extraction of Azadirachtin from Neem Seed and Pesticide Formulation - A process has been developed for extraction of Azadirachtin from Neem Seeds. The commercial production of Azadirachtin by this process is going to have a tremendous effect on the environment as well as on the crops produced  and going to change the scenario in the use and applications of various pesticides/insecticides.    The process developed has several advantageous over other processes, one of the major advantages is that the azadirachtin is separated out by precipitation instead of concentrating the solution by evaporation and recovery of the solvent.

Bio-fertiliser cum Bio-fungicides B5 - A strain of bacterium has been isolated and identified which has been found to be very good as biofertilizer, bio fungicide and bio bactericide. Provides plant growth promotion. acts as a bio-control agent for controlling soil/seed born pathogens of potato, other vegetables, ornamental, rice and wheat crop plants. 

The formulation as been found to be effective in controlling disease caused by the pathogenic species of Rolstonia, solanacearum, Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Sclerotium, Alternaria and Pyricularia. 

Biopesticidal NemaGel - The NemaGel contains an indigenous insect-killer nematode Steinernema thermophilum, which has been isolated in the laboratory.  This nematode species is heat tolerant and can kill a broad range of soil and foliar insect pests such as diamondback moth, gram pod borer, rice borer, whitefly, cabbage butterfly, cotton bollworm, tobacco caterpillar, cutworms, root grubs, desert locust, mole cricket, field cricket, rice grasshopper, red cotton bug, mustard aphid, termites etc. infecting various crops such as cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, fruit trees, etc.  It has been found to be safe for the plants, farm-animal, non-target organisms, human health and the environment. Its efficacy in field is visible within 24-48 hours of its application and it overcomes contamination by not allowing the growth of microorganisms.

NRDC has the mandate of promoting indigenous inventive activity under the Program for Inspiring Inventors and Innovators (PIII). Under this program, the Corporation provides financial and technical assistance to the innovations emanating from R&D organizations, academic institutions and universities as well as individuals for IP protection.

NRDC is also giving Innovative Awards on the yearly programme Innovate India.

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