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e-Shram Portal: Are Farmers Eligible for Registration; All Queries Resolved

According to the Economic Survey 2019-20, there are an estimated 38 crore unorganized workers in the country, who have been targeted to register on e-Shram Portal. So far more than 2 crore workers have registered themselves.

Sugandh Bhatnagar

According to the Economic Survey 2019-20, there are an estimated 38 crore unorganized workers in the country, who have been targeted to register on e-Shram Portal. So far more than 2 crore workers have registered themselves.  

This is the first step in the direction of creating a comprehensive database of the unorganized workers of different sectors. This includes unorganized workers in construction, apparel manufacturing, fishing, retailing, domestic work, agriculture and allied classes, the transport sector, etc. 

Who is an Unorganized worker? Who is eligible for e-Shram Registration? 

Any worker, between the ages 16- 59, who is a home-based worker, self-employed worker or a salaried worker working in the unorganized sector and is not a member of ESIC or EPFO, is called an unorganized worker. 

What are the benefits of e- Shram Registration? 

The Central Government has developed the e-Shram Portal which will be a centralized database of unorganized workers linked to Aadhaar. After registration, they will get an accident insurance cover of 2 lakhs under PBSBY. In future, all social security benefits of the unorganized workers will be provided through this portal. 

What is NCO? 

It is a National Classification of Occupation designed on the basis of nature of the job and skill level required to perform the job. It is an international practice and is uniform across the country. It is helpful in comparing, classifying and categorizing occupations and skill levels. 

What documents are required to register on e-Shram Portal? e Shram Portal? 

The following documents are required by a worker to register on the e-Shram portal- Aadhar number, Mobile number (Aadhaar linked), Bank account Note - If a worker does not have an Aadhaar linked mobile number, he/she should visit the nearest CSC and register through biometric authentication. 

You can directly call the helpdesk number, after verifying your credentials, your mobile number will be updated on the e-SHRAM portal. Alternatively, you can also visit the eSHRAM portal or the nearest CSC/SSK's center to update the mobile number. 

Are Farmers Eligible for Registration on e-Shram Portal? 

Only agricultural laborers and landless farmers are eligible for registration on e-SHRAM Portal. Other farmers are not eligible. UAN is a universal account number. It is a 12 digit number, which will be uniquely assigned to each unorganized worker after registration on e-Shram portal. UAN will be a permanent number. 

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