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Elections 2019: Method to Check Your Name on the Voter's List

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

As the Lok Sabha polls 2019 is approaching all political parties are scrambling around making preparations for what is touted to be one of the biggest elections in the country.

Voting is an important part of any democratic country like India. Hence as a responsible citizen of the country it is our duty to give the vote.  In order to vote in any election, whether Parliamentary elections or state elections, you need to have a voter ID or identity card issued by the Election Commission of India (ECI) and your name must be on the electoral rolls. Just having a voter ID is not sufficient to cast the vote whether you live in Delhi, Maharashtra, and Bihar, Telangana or any other state in India. Your name has to be in the voter list too.

Voter lists keep changing and your name could be missing from it. That is why it is essential to check whether your name is on voter list well in advance of the Lok Sabha polls 2019.

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How to check your name on voter list?

Just follow these simple steps to check if your name is on the electoral rolls in India or not:

1. Go to the NVSP or National Voter Services Portal's Electoral Search page.

2. Here you can look for your name on the voter list in 2 ways — by manually entering all the details or by simply entering your EPIC / Electoral Photo ID Card number. The EPIC number is given in bold letters on the voter identity card.

For those who have EPIC number

If you have the EPIC number, just go through these steps to check your name in the voter list.

1. Visit the NVSP Electoral Search page.

2. Click on Search by EPIC No option.

3. Now enter your EPIC number, select your state from the drop-down menu & also the key in the code you see on the icon. Then tap on Search.

4. If your name is on electoral list, you will be able to see it under the Search key. If nothing is displayed then it means that your name is not on the voter list.

For those who don't have the EPIC number

People who don’t have their voter identity card and thereby don't have the EPIC number, need to follow these steps to check their name in the voter list:

1. Go to the NVSP Electoral Home page.

2. Then click on Search by Details.

3. Enter all details like name, age, gender, Assembly constituency, etc. as given on the page. After that enter the code on the captcha image and finally click on Search button.

4. If your name appears in the result box that means your name is still in the electoral rolls.

In India, voter identity cards do not always have right spellings of people's names. There are many people whose names have been wrongly written on their voter ID cards and there is a chance that the ‘Search by Details’ method will not give the desired results as the spelling of their name won’t match with the Election Commission's database. Hence in such cases, you should look for your name on electoral rolls through the EPIC number as it is far less likely to give a false result.

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