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Embracing Modern Agriculture is Key to Boosting Farmer Incomes, Says S.A. Patil

Farm scientist S.A. Patil highlighted the need for Indian farmers to transition from traditional to modern farming techniques for financial growth.

Ravisha Poddar
Representational Image (Courtesy: Pixabay)

Farm scientist and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, S.A. Patil, emphasized the critical need for Indian farmers to embrace modern agriculture. Speaking at an event in Kalaburagi district, Patil pinpointed the farmers' reluctance to move away from conventional farming as a significant factor in their financial struggles. He stressed that adopting new technologies and market-oriented approaches could significantly enhance farm production and double their incomes.

Patil's address at the programme, organized by the District and Taluk Krishik Samaj along with the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture, underscored the potential of India's agricultural sector. "With our fertile lands, abundant water resources, and a conducive environment, our agriculture production should be flourishing. By shifting to modern farming using advanced technologies, Indian farmers can not only boost their incomes but also contribute substantially to the country’s development," he remarked.

The event, which also included the distribution of Krishi Shri awards to 17 successful farmers, was attended by notable figures in agriculture and horticulture. Joint Directors of Agriculture and Horticulture, Samad Patel and Santosh Sajjan, Farm Scientists Vasudev Naik and Somashekhar Biradar, and Kalaburagi APMC vice-president Rajkumar Kote, among others, were present.

Yeshwantharaya Ashtagi, honorary president of the District Kannada Sahitya Parishat and a recipient of the Krishi Shri award, echoed Patil's sentiments. He advocated for integrated farming, intercropping, and horticulture as viable solutions for the crisis-ridden farmers. "We need to think scientifically and adopt modern technologies to increase productivity. Maximizing production within limited land resources is the key, and farm science can help us achieve this," Ashtagi stated.

The convergence of experts at the event highlighted a unified message, the transition to modern agricultural practices is imperative for the economic upliftment of India's farmers. This shift, according to the speakers, is not just about adopting new techniques but involves a fundamental change in mindset towards agriculture, focusing on efficiency, sustainability, and market demands.

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