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Evergreen Revolution Reloaded: Agriculture Reforms Through Agritech Skills & Financial - Restructure

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Agriculture is the backbone of our economy and we all need to contribute what best we can, to articulate and carry forward with commitment - all possible ways to solve the Agrarian Distress - while remaining Apolitical and Selfless to the Objective! 
An event on ‘Evergreen Revolution Reloaded: Agriculture Reforms Through Agritech Skills & Financial – Restructure’ will be held on 1st February 2019, at Hotel Leela, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi. The event will begin early by 08:30 am to help speakers or audience beat traffic in the city. 

Topics to be covered

(a) Differentiating the challenges of Marginal/Small from Medium/Large Farmers - is an important point - to appreciate the differences and possible solutions

(b) Importance of updating Education & Research curriculum as well as teaching methodology - to keep abreast of Research & Innovations worldwide - to adapt to changing soil & climatic conditions as well as Market-Dynamics

(c) The advantage of affiliations to global educational  universities - for best-of-breed out-of-the-box innovative techniques taught there; as well as student exchange programs for a global perspective in Soil, water, Seed, Crop-selection per soil/water/land-size parameters often overlooked by traditional growers

(d) Enhancing productivity through gene-research
(e) Advantages of enclosed/greenhouse Horticulture over open agricultural cropping, especially over smaller plots of land wherein profits are not possible due to economy of scale & ROI
(f) Should farmers grow what the consumers & FCI theoretically "want" or should they be taught ways to grow what they (farmers) "need" in order to make profits?
(g) Merits/demerits of the MS Swaminathan Report
(h) Merits/demerits and possible adaptations to MGNREGS
(i) What could GOI do to help the Farmers Short/Mid/Long Term? 

The Programme is scheduled to be inaugurated by the Central Union Minister of the State Government of India - Agriculture, Farmers Welfare & Panchayati Raj Shri Parshottam Rupala 

To know more about the event you can check Krishi Jagran’s YouTube channel ‘हरित क्रांति हरी होगी तो किसान सशक्त होगा 

Agrarian distress has led farmers to commit suicide in recent years and the major causes of the crisis are unfinished agenda in land reform, quantity, and quality of water, technology fatigue, access, adequacy and timeliness of institutional credit, and opportunities for assured and remunerative marketing.  Adverse meteorological factors add to these problems. 

Farmers need to have assured access and control over basic resources, which include land, water, bio-resources, credit and insurance, technology and knowledge management, and markets.  The NCF recommends that "Agriculture" be inserted in the Concurrent List of the Constitution. 

The National Commission on Farmers, chaired by Prof. M. S. Swaminathan, submitted five reports through the period December 2004 - October 2006. Following from the first four, the final report focused on causes of farmer distresses and the rise in farmer suicides and recommends addressing them through a holistic national policy for farmers. 

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